John Ruskin Quotes

1819 - 1900

Be inspired by these John Ruskin quotes full of words of wisdom. He was born in London, England. Educated at the University of Oxford, his first interest was poetry, and he later became an author and artist. He was well know for his work as art critic and social critic. John Ruskin's words are full of inspiration and wisdom.

There is no wealth but life.
John Ruskin
Wealth   |  

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.
John Ruskin
Kindness   |  

It is not how much one makes but to what purpose one spends.
John Ruskin
Purpose   |  

The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something and tell what it saw in a plain way. Hundreds of people can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see. To see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion, all in one.
John Ruskin
Compassion   |  

Education is the leading of human souls to what is best, and making what is best out of them.
John Ruskin
Knowledge   |  

A thing is worth what it can do for you, not what you choose to pay for it.
John Ruskin
Choices   |  

Do not think of your faults, still less of other's faults; look for what is good and strong, and try to imitate it. Your faults will drop off, like dead leaves, when their time comes.
John Ruskin
Good   |  

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
John Ruskin
Effort   |  

Say all you have to say in the fewest possible words, or your reader will be sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words or he will certainly misunderstand them.
John Ruskin
Communication   |  

To make your children capable of honesty is the beginning of education.
John Ruskin
Children   |  

Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless: peacocks and lilies for instance.
John Ruskin
Beauty   |  

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.
John Ruskin
Love   |  

All books are divisible into two classes, the books of the hour, and the books of all time.
John Ruskin
Book   |  

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