Can You Define Your Passion

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Each individual has a definition of
passion but not all of these definitions have to do with what you earn a living from. Some people have a passion for a certain hobby whether that is as an active participant or from a sideline fan, or something they have a great deal of pleasure doing as a hobby like golf, tennis, skiing, bowling, or building model planes.

"So try to pursue the very things that you are passionate about- that is the difference between good and great!"
Shawn Doyle

Passion For Your Work?
In the realm of the
work world, though, they are few people I meet who have an absolute passion about their work. Sure, there are lots of people who don't mind their work and even those who enjoy it on the occasional day. However, the kind of passion I am talking about refers for to a true love of what you do to the point where you give it your all every minute of every workday.

An Example
I read a story recently about a person who served in a banquet hall doing everything from prepping the site, to setting the tables for lunch. He prides himself on every aspect of his work. In fact, his dedication and
motivation is well known in his place of employment.

So, you may now wonder what could he possibly gain from being so passionate about setting up tables for banquets?

Apply These Points
Here are just a few points to think about that can also apply to your own work:
   - A passion keeps you motivated and interested in each task no matter how menial
   - It makes you day go really fast
   - You have a sense of accomplishment in a job more than well done
   - You set yourself as an inspiration to every other employee
   - You will find that your productivity rises and your negativity is drastically reduced

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."
Wisdom from Confucius

You will be much more successful, if you are not passionate in what you do, or cannot find it with you to be passionate about your current job, either
change your attitude or change your job.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
"If you strategize and choose a proper field, you will automatically be able to give time to your passions and enjoy a fruitful time at work."
Edward Eddington

"If you are pursuing a dream, but do not find that it incites your passions, draw that task to a close and keep searching until you find something that you can be passionate about."
Cary Bergeron

"If we focus on the things that are positive about our jobs, then we can tackle those activities we donít enjoy with a better attitude and, in some cases, actually learn to enjoy them."
Stephen Shaner

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