Characteristics Of A Pencil

Author: , 2012

Not many people may realize that they have some things in common with a pencil. Well, this comparison may not to be everyone's liking, but it holds true for a lot of people.

Great Things
You see, a pencil can do great things but must allow itself to be held and used. A person can do great things but must be allowed it to do whatever it can whenever it can.

If you do not engage in a worthwhile activity or activities, you will not be of any use to yourself for you will whither away in spirit.

Not Without Pain
A pencil will experience pain from time to time but this is necessary for it to become a useful tool. Sometimes the lead is weak, or the lead breaks.

A person will feel pain from time to time as well for it is this pain that reminds it that to appreciate life, there will be bad times and good times.

Not everything in life can proceed without a few bumps and grinds and so a person can better appreciate the good times when they come.

Our Mistakes
A pencil can correct any mistakes it makes and a person is also charged with the responsibility to make right that which has been done poorly, or to make amends if you have done wrong or hurt someone else.

The Most Important Part
The most important part of a pencil is . . . . .
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"Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons."
Author Unknown

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