20 Independence Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

20 Independence Quotes

Here is our collection of independence quotes that we hope will inspire you to embrace your individuality and learn to think for yourself!

Living independently is a skill that we must all master in order to be truly happy and free! If we spend our lives relying on other people and following the crowd we can become miserable. We need to be independent and learn to embrace our unique talents and opinions, for this is what makes life interesting.We all have the power to think independently, talk independently and act independently which will enable us to spread our wings and fly.

This is your life, this is your journey, own your independence and be free!

  1. Free spirits demonstrate the independence of mind necessary to combat ideology and popular opinion.
    Steven F. Pittz, Recovering the Liberal Spirit
    Free Spirit Quotes
  2. Unhappiness is an inward, not an outward, thing. It is as independent of circumstances as is happiness.
    Eleanor Roosevelt, You Learn by Living
    Happy Life Quotes
  3. It is as I have said: the mind is independent of the man. He has no control over it; it does as it pleases.
    Mark Twain, The Essential Mark Twain
    Control Quotes
  4. Being independent will give you power to deal with situations. If you’ll depend upon others, you will never learn about falling and standing again.
    Khushi Agrawal, The ABC of Life
    Being Strong
  5. Independence is freedom from influence, control, or manipulation of others.
    George A. Appleby, ‎Edgar Colon, ‎Julia Hamilton Diversity, Oppression, and Social Functioning
  6. When you are independent, you are self- governing. You assume responsibility for your life and your choices.
    Kimberly Fulcher, Remodel Your Reality
  7. Being independent gives you opportunities to develop self-focused talents.
    John Harpur, ‎Maria Lawlor, ‎Michael Fitzgerald, Succeeding in College with Asperger Syndrome: A Student Guide
  8. My advice, being independent gives you strength and courage of a unique perspective, you gain more confidence and ability, something that all bullies soon recognise in you and leave you alone.
    Brenda Turner, Bullying: What Are We Really Scared Of?
    Strength and Courage
  9. Embrace your independence and go after what you want.
    Kaitlyn Kaerhart, You Are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology
  10. Great dreamers grow to be independent, learning that they can make a difference all by themselves.
    Nidhika Dhir, My Perspective
    Make a Difference
  11. One gains independence through interactions with others. You must earn your independence by relying on yourself to aid others.
    Mark William Pezzelato, Transformations: Your Inner Guide to Self-Exploration
    Unity Quotes
  12. Vanity is a sense of independent ego, and isolates a man from the Universal Subconscious Mind.
    Uell S. Andersen, Three Magic Words
  13. The minute someone else can dictate what you think or how you feel about yourself, you are at their mercy.
    Sherry Argov feelings
  14. More than any medication, a daily dose of exercise can be crucial to reducing our pain, which makes us feel more independent, stronger, and healthier overall.
    Bruce F. Singer, Black Duck Moments Every Day
  15. I am an independent thinker, doer and actor.
    Lynn Reynolds, A Year of Affirmative Living:2020
  16. Solitude has its own strange beauty to it. Solitude is independence.
    Stephen L. DeFelice M.D., Grandpa’s Words of Wisdom
  17. Being independent doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own; asking for help when you need it in your daily routines is also part of being independent.
    Francis Tabone, The ASD Independence Workbook
    Helping Others
  18. Decide and learn to be independent and take charge of your actions and aspirations.
    Chienyem U. Uchime Opara, My Queen: the Beauty in You
    Decision Quotes
  19. Driving in somebody else’s lane throws off our equilibrium.
    Kasey Lynn , Fall Down, Gritty Up
    Be Yourself
  20. I am an independent woman, With a style of my own, I am an independent woman, A beautiful queen with a crown.
    Milton McCulloch, A State of Life: Man, Woman, Child
    Queen Quotes

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