20 Of The Best Thanksgiving Prayers: Inspirational Words of Wisdom

20 Best Thanksgiving Prayers

Be inspired by our collection of Thanksgiving prayers from a selection of books across the web.

It’s that beautiful time of year again! I have to say. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The leaves have all turned brown and beautiful, and fall is in full swing. The beauty surrounding us is a perfect example of why we need this time of year to be thankful for the big guy up top. We should aim to thank God at least once a day for our blessings, but I think it’s good that we do it publicly once a year among our friends and family. Let’s face it, we have had a pretty tough year regarding world problems. Many people in Ukraine are suffering, and climate change is at its worst, destroying homes and livelihoods worldwide, and the cost of living has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels.

We indeed have a lot to worry about right now, but also, we have SO much to be thankful for. It only takes me a fleeting thought to realize that I have massive amounts to be grateful for. I have a roof over my head, a beautiful family, and supporting friends around me. My heart is with all the people suffering this year. People have had their lives turned upside down due to war and destruction across the world. And my prayers this year and every year are focused on all the people who are not so lucky.

I could never thank the Lord enough with just words alone. I am immensely thankful for everything I have this year, and I know that God has blessed me in ways I can’t begin to imagine. So this year, let us keep other people in our hearts and prayers, and at the same time, let us be truly thankful for all the Lord has done for us. His love is the reason we are all still here.

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20 Best Thanksgiving Prayers

Published by: Ben Gillison

    20 Of The Best Thanksgiving Prayers

    Shape yourself before the world shapes you. Mahyar Mottahed

  1. For all our fun, we thank You, Lord.
    For sunny summer days and snowy winter days,
    For baseball and sled rides and for the Super Bowl.
    We thank You, dear Lord. For all our food,
    We thank You, Lord.

    Dotsey Welliver, Thank You, God, for Ninety-five Pounds of Peanut Butter

  2. Let us give thanks to God our father
    for all his gifts so freely bestowed upon us.
    For the wonder of your creation,
    in earth and sky and sea, we thank you, Lord

    Brenda Hiatt, Wickedly yours
    God Quotes

  3. We thank you, Lord, for sun and rain.
    We thank you for the flowers and trees.
    We thank you for the golden grain.
    We thank you for the mighty seas.
    We thank you, Lord, for strength and health.

    Del DeLong

  4. Thank You Lord for loving me,
    Taking my sins to Calvary,
    Making a way so I could be free,
    Thank you Lord for loving me.

    Thank You Lord for saving me,
    from this hell-bent world to the heavenly,
    Forever i’ll sing and shout with thee,
    Thank You Lord for saving me.

    Thank You Lord for being my friend,
    Holding me strong until the end,
    Making me fit for Your Heaven,
    Thank you Lord for being my friend.

    Thank you Lord for loving me;
    Love so deep-
    Deeper than the deepest sea.
    Love greater than-
    All the powers that be.
    Thank you Lord for loving me.

    -Daniella Whyte, Thank You Lord for Loving Me
    Thank God

    Shape yourself before the world shapes you. Mahyar Mottahed

  5. Thank You for keeping our home safe, and thank You for keeping it together.
    Thank You, Lord, for keeping my family together, as we pray together.
    Thank You, Lord, for keeping my children for me, and i thank You for keeping me for my children.
    Thank You, Lord, for peace and joy in my family; thank You for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.
    Thank You, Lord, for parents and children; thank You for wealth and health.
    Thank You, Lord, for the grace to thank You; thank you for the knowledge of Your blessings.
    Thank You, Lord, for the growth in every aspect of our lives and for the increase.
    Thank You, Lord, for everything; Your blessings over my family are so numerous.
    Let my thanksgiving ascend to Your throne and my praises to Your ears.
    And may Your blessings continue to flow like a river into my home forevermore.
    I will continue to thank You again and again, Thanking the Lord of hosts, the giver of good gifts.

    Enoch O. Akanji, The magnificent Prayer of Praises and Thanks-giving (Thanksgiving 11)
    Faith In God

  6. Looking up… Thank you, Lord:
    for Your sovereign control over our circumstances,
    for Your gentle compassion in our sorrows,for Your consistent faithfulness through our highs and lows,
    for Your grace that removes our guilt,
    for Your love that holds us close.

    Charles R. Swindoll, Good Morning, Lord
    Trust God

  7. Thank You Lord For your promises.
    Thank you for promising to show me the way of life and for giving me the joy of your presence.
    Please help me to enjoy your presence and walk on your paths.
    I thank you for being my strength today.
    Thanks for surrounding me like a shield.
    I trust you completely.
    Thank you for filling my heart with joy today.
    Please help me to be thankful despite my circumstances.

    Rachel Larkin, 21 Prayers of Thanksgiving
    God’s Love

  8. The time for Thanksgiving is every day of the year.
    How, Lord, do I say thanks without shedding a tear?
    I search my heart for the right words to convey,
    The love I have for you each and every day.
    Thank You Lord, for your mercy and grace.
    Thank You Lord for the smile on my face.
    Thank You Lord for my family and friends.
    Thank You Lord for the lessons you send.
    Thank You Lord most of all,
    For catching me and preventing my fall..
    Thank You Lord for watching from above
    Thank You Lord for all of your love.

    -Ely Roque Sagansay, Thanksgiving Every Day, Thank You Lord
    God’s Plan

  9. In the mighty name of Jesus I thank you Lord,
    for what you did in my life,
    for what you are presently doing
    and for what you will do in future
    to glorify your name,

    Tella Olayeri, Fire for Fire Part 1
    God’s Grace

  10. Shape yourself before the world shapes you. Mahyar Mottahed

  11. Father, I ask that my thanksgiving and praise be acceptable in your sight.
    I give you thanks and praises,
    for all you have done,
    for all you are doing,
    and all you are going to do.

    Luchrisa Valentine, 4 Books In-1!
    God Quotes About Life

  12. I give my thanks for all you do.
    I give my thanks for all my friends.
    I give my thanks for my family.
    I give my thanks for your special blessings.
    Thank you Lord for being our Savior.

    Ralph Henson, Happy Holidays
    God’s Blessing

  13. Dear God as we pray to you on this thanksgiving day,
    we want to give special thanks to you in every way.
    This is truly a day of giving,
    we know that you have truly made our life worth living.
    We pray that you bless Thanksgiving as a day of caring,
    also for everyone to participate together in sharing.
    Lord as you bless this food that was so carefully prepared for us,
    We shall always know that you are the only one whom we shall forever trust.
    Lord we pray for all of those with no food on there tables,
    That you shall provide for them and even there stables.

    -Camilla Whitmire, God’s Inspirations, A Thanksgiving Prayer
    God’s Will

  14. Dear God,
    Where do we begin to say thanks?
    You have given us all that we have:
    you have given us one another,
    the ability to run, to think, to love,
    and to say “thank you” to you.
    As we gather today,
    with special foods,
    help us to remember,
    that every day,
    is a day,
    to give you thanks.
    Please bless your children,
    who do not have as much as we do,
    and help us understand,
    how to share what we have with them.
    Thank you again for all your gifts.

    Kathleen Finley, Dear God, Thanksgiving
    Appreciation Quotes

  15. Dear God,
    Let us be thankful for our material things in life:
    Good food, our jobs, safe houses,
    Clothing and our prized belongings.
    Let us be even more thankful for our lives:
    The ability to have our friends
    and family together today
    and to celebrate all other days.
    Let us be most thankful for You, God,
    And for your grace.
    Let us be ever thankful for heaven,
    So that after our life on earth,
    we may have eternity with God,
    And with all those
    who have gone before us,
    and with all those who will
    Enter the kingdom after us. Amen

    Mattie J.T. Stepanek, Reflections of a Peacemaker, Thanksgiving Prayer
    Grateful Quotes

  16. Shape yourself before the world shapes you. Mahyar Mottahed

  17. Dear God, Please renew our vision and strength for what lies ahead.
    May there always be work for our hands to do. As we
    remember to use each day for your glory. You have been a great god!
    Thank You for Your faithfulness to us as a people.
    In the precious name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!

    Deborah Rodriguez, Abiding Faith in God, Thanksgiving Thoughts
    Prayer Poems

  18. Dear gracious and giving God, You are the endless supplier of mercy, grace and love. Lift our hearts,
    O Lord, that we may be filled with thanksgiving and praise from morning to night for the bountiful gifts you have blessed us with.
    With all creation and the church around the world, we give you thanks and praise, In glory to you,
    oh Lord, all of our days. In Jesus name we pray.

    Ren Royal, Rivers of Love, A Prayer of Thanksgiving
    Gift Quotes

  19. Dear God, make me appreciative of all the wonderful gifts You give.
    When I take things for granted, show me the error of my ways.
    Fill my mind and heart with gratitude for the many blessings I have.

    Compiled by Barbour Staff, A Collection of Thanksgiving Blessings, Real Thankfulness
    Love Quotes

  20. Dear God, I shout for joy and worship you in gladness.
    You made me and I am yours.
    Thank you for your love and faithfulness.
    Forgive me of my sin.
    Cleanse me and use me today.
    It’s Thanksgiving Day because of you.
    I love and adore you.

    -Alicia Goodwin Jacobs, Good Morning Lord, Thanksgiving
    Poems About Faith

  21. Dear God, make me appreciative of all the wonderful gifts You give.
    When I take things for granted, show me the error of my ways.
    Fill my mind and heart with gratitude for the many blessings I have.

    -Barbour Publishing, The Power of Thanksgiving

  22. Shape yourself before the world shapes you. Mahyar Mottahed

  23. Thank You, Lord, for how You show mercy and help me through when life becomes tough.

    Anita Donihue, Thank You, Lord
    Life Quotes

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