30 Comforting Quotes

30 Comforting Quotes

Be encouraged by our collection of comforting quotes. These quotes are consoling and encouraging covering many different aspects of life. They can offer reassurance when faced with challenges or issues.

  1. Isn’t it comforting when you’re lying in bed listening to the rain outside?
    Richard Daly, God’s Little Book of Comfort
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  2. We are living on earth, and earth continues rotating around the sun. The human being is the best creature on our earth planet, or we are the topmost evolution in our solar systems.
    Kamlesh Patil, How To Live Alone and Happy
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  3. If you can earn enough to meet your basic needs and live comfortably, additional wealth will not contribute to your overall happiness.
    C.M. Fraser, Deppy to Happy
  4. In the whole universe, there is no one like you. You are not “average” and you are not “normal”—no one is actually average, normal or regular.
    Bernie Clark, Your body your yoga
  5. In practice, you can be in pain but you need not suffer. Once you realise this, deep in your heart, then you can learn to step aside from your suffering and begin to handle pain very differently indeed
    Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman, Mindfulness for health
  6. For me, it’s about food that’s cosy, comforting and made for sharing, and all too often that can mean food that’s not so good for you, too.
    Jamie Oliver, Super Food Family Classic
  7. When you smile, you can bring your happiness forward and share it.
    Karla McLaren, The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You
  8. They will only have the courage to step forward for healing as we each boldly proclaim our own healing’ and comfort as we have been comforted!
    Dell Maestra, The Last Grain Of Salt
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  9. It is common to see the deceased parent in different places, or see their likeness in the faces of others. Many people may still feel the presence of their parent, which can be comforting or unnerving.
    Theresa Jackson, Loss of a Parent
  10. What no one told me about grief is how lonely it is. No matter who else is mourning, you’re in your own little cell. Even when people try to comfort you, you’re aware that now there is a barrier between you and them, made of the horrible thing that happened, that keeps you isolated.
    Jan Warner, Grief Day By Day
  11. Choosing resistance leads to difficult thoughts and uncomfortable emotions, which in turn leads to unproductive behaviors—behaviors that run counter to you living your best life.
    Gretchen Kubacky, Moving Through Grief
  12. It’s hard to be kind to yourself. At least that is my experience, especially when difficult things happen.
    Mark Nepo, The Self-Acceptance Project
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  13. Self-acceptance is about more than just banishing the myth of self-esteem or challenging self-rating. It is about learning to be truly comfortable in our own skins while taking real responsibility for our behaviour.
    Harry Barry, Self–Acceptance
  14. If you make a mistake, which you undoubtedly will, acknowledge it and forgive yourself. Say comforting things to yourself and tell yourself that a mistake or two do not define you in any way.
    Earl Brandone, Motivation
  15. Self-determination is a powerful force, and once you refuse to say “I don’t get him,” you’ll be better off. But that alone isn’t enough.
    Dave Kerpen , The art of people – the 11 simple skills that will get you everything you want
  16. Whether you believe in the Christian God, in another Buddhist deity or simply in an angelic figure, the only thing that matters is that you have faith that your higher power is the source of deepest love and wisdom in the universe.
    Tara Springett, Enlightenment through the path of kundalini
  17. In addition to comforting, you can help in another way, too – by listening.
    Robbie Miller Kaplan, How to Say It When You Don’t Know What to Say
  18. Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister.
    Alice Walker
  19. Two people feel at home with each other when they share the same values and interests, while the attraction to each other is brought about by their differences in character.
    Tara Springett, Soulmate relationships
  20. The good news is that our divine nature is not buried deep within us – it’s just a hair’s breadth away! It literally lies around the corner of every limiting thought and feeling that we experience.
    Tara Springett, The seven golden keys for love, success and happiness
  21. The fact is that we are all blessed; we all can reap the benefits of our constructive efforts. We don’t have to settle for our present reality; we can create a new one, whenever we choose to. We all have that ability, because for better or worse, our thoughts do influence our lives.
    Dr Joe. Dispenzer, Breaking the habit of being yourself
  22. God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
    Matthew 5:4 (NLT)
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  23. Many of us don’t realize the power words have. They can hurt, they can encourage, they can change a person, they can inspire, and they can offer support and comfort.
    Catherine Pulsifer, Would You Still Be Beautiful
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  24. If уоu can mоtivаtе уоur mind аnd discipline it, then it саn bе the biggеѕt treasure fоr you in thiѕ lifе. You саn literally uѕе уоur mind tо dо аnуthing in thiѕ world.
    James Stafford, Motivate your mind
  25. We feel happy, assured, and comforted when there are other people that listen to us, look at us, respond to us, and are aware of our existence.
    Patricia Munsford, How to Discipline a Toddler
  26. Whеn уоu tаkе charge оf your thoughts and fееlingѕ, you will bе in сhаrgе of your аttitudе. And уоur attitude will dictate уоur response.
    James Stafford, How to deal with difficult people
  27. May God be with you and give you comfort. May He wrap His arms around you and give you peace and hope. May He fill you with strength, and may you feel His love.
    Catherine Pulsifer
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  28. We have to remember that our memories, dreams, and ambitions aren’t contained in objects; they’re contained in ourselves. We are not what we own; we are what we do, what we think, and who we love.
    Francine Jay, The joy of less
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  29. To give is more rewarding in the long run for he who gives also receives the bounty of being able to lend a comforting hand.
    Byron Pulsifer, Bear The Burden
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  30. The fewer possessions you have to fuss over, the more time you have for friends, family, flowers, sunsets, and the beautiful things in life. And that—more than any consumer item—is the source of true happiness.
    Francine Jay, Miss Minimalist

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