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Characteristics Of A Pencil

Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2012

Not many people may realize that they have some things in common with a pencil. Well, this comparison may not to be everyone’s liking, but it holds true for a lot of people.

Great Things
You see, a pencil can do great things but must allow itself to be held and used. A person can do great things but must be allowed it to do whatever it can whenever it can.

If you do not engage in a worthwhile activity or activities, you will not be of any use to yourself for you will whither away in spirit.

Not Without Pain
A pencil will experience pain from time to time but this is necessary for it to become a useful tool. Sometimes the lead is weak, or the lead breaks.

A person will feel pain from time to time as well for it is this pain that reminds it that to appreciate life, there will be bad times and good times.

Not everything in life can proceed without a few bumps and grinds and so a person can better appreciate the good times when they come.

Our Mistakes
A pencil can correct any mistakes it makes and a person is also charged with the responsibility to make right that which has been done poorly, or to make amends if you have done wrong or hurt someone else.

The Most Important Part
The most important part of a pencil is what is inside; it is what it uses. And, a person’s insides is what really counts in the long run not what you own or possess. A person’s worth is measured by what they do with their life, the good they spread, the help they give, and the compassion they have for their fellow human beings.

How Do You Stand
A pencil stands up straight and true and it is the same for a person. A person can stand up straight and true but only if they have the substance within, the personal fortitude, the personal ethics that allow one to hold their head high, and their back straight.

Do More and Be More
We could all stand to adopt some of the attributes of a pencil.

We can be more and do more but only when we are properly prepared to do so. We must be able to suffer pain and to move forward again and again. We must be able to continue to develop what’s inside for that is what makes us worthy and worthwhile. We must be able to stand with pride in what we stand for, and in what we do with the time we have on this earth.

A pencil can be dull or it can be sharp. A life can be full of doom and gloom or it can take on the sparkle and vigor of a brightly burning candle.

A pencil can be used often or it can sit idly by. A person can be active and forward moving, or a person can sit and wait until all that remains is feebleness.

And as a pencil, life can find that it runs into obstacles that do not take kindly to be written on just as a person runs into obstacles that are not easily overcome.

Is Your Pencil Sharp
So, when you get to the point in life that seems to be up against a wall, sharpen your pencil again and get going.

A pencil can be sharpened many, many times, and you too can reshape and refocus when you have to move forward again and again.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons.” Author Unknown

What you focus on grows. What you concentrate on is what you see more of in your life.” Robin Sharma

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