Courage Poem

Courage Poem

Looking for a courage poem find one here. Poems to remind you to use your strength and lean on God to develop the courage you need to live life to its fullest.

It Takes Courage
Poet Unknown

It takes strength to be firm, it takes courage to be gentle.
It takes strength to conquer, it takes courage to surrender.
It takes strength to be certain, it takes courage to have
It takes strength to fit in, it takes courage to stand out.

It takes strength to feel a friend’s pain, it takes courage to feel your own pain.
It takes strength to endure abuse, it takes courage to stop it.
It takes strength to stand alone, it takes courage to lean on another.
It takes strength to love, it takes courage to be loved.
It takes strength to survive, it takes courage to live.

Poet: Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr

O God, give us serenity
to accept what cannot be changed;
and courage to change what should be changed
and wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

Poet: Wish Belkin, From Wish Belkin’s “Diurnalis” © 2000

When evening comes the shadows grow, as the sun begins to set.
Take care that you don’t come to know, a thing that’s called regret.
Not what you try or what you do, throughout a carefree youth.
It’s what you don’t you’ll come to rue, when time reveals it’s truth.

There is wisdom to be had from mistaken words and acts.
You’ll find that failure’s not so bad, it strengthens you in fact.
Rejection’s fear or the fear of failure, that paralizes you.
Is the stuff of tears and that which keeps you dreams from coming true.

It takes a certain kind of nerve to tell someone you care.
But then nature tends to serve the person who would dare.
Bravery isn’t something you can cultivate from seed.
It must be conjured up anew each time that there’s a need.

So take these words and hold them close, it’s certain you’ll find that,
one second of courage to speak from the heart
will result in you hearing them back.

Feel Him

God is around us everyday,
you can see him in the sky,
in the flowers, in the water, and
you can feel him in the wind,
in the warmth of the sun.
Always remember you are never alone,
He is always with you.

“Frequently remind yourself that God is with you, that He will never fail you, that you can count upon him.” Norman Vincent Peale
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He Suffices
Poet: St. Theresa of Avila

Let nothing disturb thee;
Let nothing fright thee;
All things are passing;
God never changes.
Patience gains all things;
Who has God wants nothing;
God alone suffices.

I’m thankful for all happiness, each long hour of deep sorrow;
God thus in his great mercy givesmore wisdom for tomorrow. A. R. Gronos

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Why Be Weak?
Poet: Trench

We kneel, how weak; we rise, how full of power!
Why, therefore, should we do ourselves this wrong,
Or others – that we are not always strong,
That we are ever overborne with care,
That we should ever weak or heartless be,
Anxious or troubled, when with us is prayer,
And joy and strength and courage are with Thee?

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