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Dream It Do It

Inspiring stories of dreams come true
by Sharon Cook & Graciela Sholander
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Have you ever looked at a successful person and wonder how they became successful? In this wonderful, easy to read book not only do you find stories of peoples’ successes, but you also find the challenges they faced, and how they overcame those challenges.

To quote the authors:”Life can knock us down flat. It’s our measure of resilience that determines whether or not we’ll keep dreaming and reaching for our dreams.”

This book gives examples of people who have been knocked down, but they also share many stories of people who succeeded. More importantly, they also give the elements of the keys to their success.

The authors have developed a wonderful tool, which they refer to as “Dream CPR”. Throughout the book, they discuss the “Ten Essential Elements of Dream CPR”, and apply the elements to real life examples.

While reading the book, they got to the heart of the matter quickly, and I could see how the elements of Dream CPR applied.

If you need inspiration, look no further. This book will motivate you, and help you to achieve the success that you are dreaming about. The book is available from Amazon.

Inspirational quotes from the book, DREAM IT DO IT:

“Dreams are not vaporous, fanciful thinking. They are building blocks of reality.”

“In the course of fulfilling personal dreams, people bring purpose into their own lives and enrich us all with their inventions and innovations.”

“Despite what we’ve been taught, we don’t have to be rich, famous or distinguished to make our dreams come true.”

“Confidence amounts to believing in, trusting in, and relying upon yourself, including your judgment, your powers, and your abilities. It enables each of us to walk a path uniquely ours.”

“Courage is the ability to face challenges. Courage gives us strength to hold on to our dreams in the midst of trying times.”

“Sometimes we become distracted, side-tracked, or discouraged while pursuing our dreams, so it’s important to develop a high level of commitment to making our dreams come true right from the start.”

“With creativity, we have a powerful tool to first imagine the reality we want and then develop a plan to get there.”

“Going after a dream enables us to rise above the routine of everyday matters and reach for something higher, to find a greater purpose in our lives.”

“If you have ever felt such tremendous enthusiasm and desire for something that you would gladly spend all your waking hours working on it, that you would happily do without pay, then you have found your passion.”

“Persistence means continuing firmly with a course of action despite obstacles and resistance.”

“Following our dreams almost always requires us to take chances. There is no guarantee that we will succeed in our venture. But if we don’t try, we will never know how far we can go.”

“We each have a unique set of qualities and gifts, some that we were born with and others that we develop over time. What we do with these gifts is our choice.”

“We’re all born with some level of confidence, and whenever we experience a measure of success, no matter how minute, our innate confidence grows.”

“We usually think of courage as the kind of bravery that leads to heroic acts. But courage is also what enables dreamers to face and conquer their fear of the unknown.”

“Committing yourself to your dream means making your dream your top priority and dedicating the time and energy necessary to make it come true.”

“Most people who are recognized for their remarkable accomplishments started out stumbling and struggling just like anyone else.”

“When our dreams are born of purpose, we can soar above the limitations to accomplish the seemingly impossible.”

“If nobody was willing to try something new, nothing would ever be invented.”

“Our creative dreams come from imagination and original thinking. Every product we have today, from bagels to blue jeans and violas to vaccines, first existed in somebody’s imagination.”

“Knowing your purpose helps you develop dreams that are meaningful to you and helpful to others.”

“Detours are not necessarily detrimental to our dreams; they can supply us with valuable life experiences that ultimately prepare us to love our dreams born of passion.”

“Having persistence means trying again and again, until you succeed.”

“Although we cannot control the struggles we unexpectedly face, we do possess a quality – resilience – that helps us overcome the pain and maintain hope. Resilience brings us back to our dreams when the storm is over.”

“We can’t possibly advance our dreams without taking some risk. But you can choose to take a carefully calculated risk rather than a careless, impulsive gamble.”

“We need to be aware of how our dreams and choices affect others, and take responsibility for dreaming dreams that will achieve the most good for ourselves and our communities.”

“A single action can completely alter your future, for better or worse.”

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