Feeling Your Way Through Life

Feeling Your Way Through Life

Book Review
Feeling Your Way Through Life
Author: David DeNotaris
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David is happily married with a son and two daughters, and has a wonderful career. He is a nationally known speaker, a best selling author and a world champion athlete. As you read this you’ll probably think life has been good to David. And yes, I would agree with that, however, it is one that has not been without challenges.

An Issue
You see at a very young age, David’s parents suspected that he had a vision problem. After consultation with his doctors, they discovered that David was born with a rare eye disorder, and that this disorder would first cause night blindness, then the loss of peripheral vision, and finally blindness.

David’s Attitude
To quote David, “There is always something you can do about any problem; even it if is just changing your perspective on how you feel about the problem.” David could have wallowed in self-pity, or he could have used his blindness as a crutch. David and his family, however, had a positive perspective on his problem that allowed him to face and overcome not only his challenge of blindness, but also the challenges of life which we all face at one time or another.

David faced and overcame challenges that most of us never have to face. “I was told that blindness would beat me or that I would beat it-the choice was mine. Now, some twenty-six years later, I realize that everyone has problems and crosses to bear,” says David. In his book, “Feeling Your Way Through Life”, David writes about his experiences. As you read the book you will see through David’s eyes, insights and possibilities that you can apply in your own life.

Our Recommmendation
“Feeling Your Way Through Life” is an easy book to read. As I read the book, I found it to be very inspiring. David’s story is one which we can all learn from!!

Inspirational Quotes From The Book:
“I was told that blindness would beat me or that I would beat it – the choice was mine.”

“These are turning points in our lives. We can talk ourselves out of something or into something.”

“We can measure many things, but the time that families and communities invest in children is invaluable. Giving kids a sense of fitting in, of feeling good about themselves, and giving them the opportunites to succeed and fail will really prepare kids of life ahead.”

“I am always trying to help other people excel. I believe people who love us help give us answers and not more questions. They show us how to do something; they don’t ask us how we are going to do something.”

Faith believes in things unseen.”

“Harmony and peace go together like a hand and a glove. When there is harmony or peace in a family, office, or organizaiton, many miracles happen before our eyes.”

“Fighting destroys amibition. It takes away creativity.”

“We must remember that our beliefs can change our behaviors, our actions can change our attitudes, and our motions can change our moods.”

“Do not just look to the past for the good memories. I get angry when people say, ‘Those were the good old days.’ These are the good days!”

“L.I.E.S. leave individuals extremely sad.”

“When we are honest with others and ourselves, the world is a happier, more peaceful, and better place to live.”

“Whatever the problem is, someone has handled the same dissatisfaction and sculpted it into an example of greatness.”

“I have found that if we can be comfortable being uncomfortable, asking fo rwhat we need gets easier.”

“When we help people build on their strengths, face their fears, and become better people, we will be blessed and receive rewards unimaginable.”

“I learned that when you don’t believe in yourself for whatever reason, a coach can see greatness and give you the resources to awaken the champion within so that you don’t have worry and don’t let a engative mental attitude or self-doubt destroy your dreams.”

“I believe the qualities of our lives are determined by the people we meet, the books we read, and the questions we ask.”

“Don’t be afraid to give or receive a hug. It just may be the thing that will help you unlock greatness.”

“The best advice I can give to you is to be true to yourself and live your dreams.”

More On The Book
Read other comments on David’s book, on his site David DeNotaris . And, the book can be purchased at Amazon.

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