Encouraging Quotes Page 2

Encouraging Quotes Page 2

Not for any grand cause, necessarily. . . but for something that tugs at your heart, something that’s your inspiration, something that’s yourdream.
Author Unknown
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HAVE FUN. DIG DEEP. STRETCH. DREAM BIG. Know, though, that things worth doing seldom come easy.
Author Unknown
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There will be times when you want to turn around, pack it up, and call it quits. Those times tell you that you are pushing yourself, that you are not afraid to learn by trying.
Author Unknown
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Let your instincts, your intellect, and your heart, guide you.
Author Unknown
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The start of something new brings the hope of something great,
Author Unknown
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If you want to encourage others to approach and interact with you, the first thing you need to practice is to smile.
Antony Richard Pearson, How To Achieve Goals
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“Encourage others and share in the fortunes of success.”
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“I long to put the experience of fifty years at once into your young lives, to give you at once the key of that treasure chamber every gem of which has cost me tears and struggles and prayers, but you must work for these inward treasures yourself.”
Harriet Beecher Stowe
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“Believing in yourself is not for you; it’s for every person who has touched your life in a significant way and for every person your life will touch the same way five minutes from now, or five centuries from now.”
Jaye Miller
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“Creating experiences – both actual and visualized – is the secret behind imprinting new beliefs. You can’t believe what you haven’t experienced.”
Henry Marsh, The Breakthrough Factor
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“Let’s choose each day and every day to keep an attitude of faith and joy and belief and compassion.”
Charles Swindoll
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“Never stop believing you can do it!

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“You’re so caught up in grumbling, complaining, and seeing what’s wrong that you have no energy or time to appreciate what’s good.”
Joyce Meyers
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“Yes, you have weaknesses. This does not make you less of a person.”
Quirky Grandma, Love the Person You See in the Mirror!
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