Encouraging Quotes Page 3

Encouraging Quotes Page 3

Encouragement doesn’t cost anything, but it means something. It’s one of the greatest gifts we can give.
Dr. L. D. Buckingham
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Successful people are individuals who are always focused on the positive and they constantly encourage themselves by thinking about the moments when they were the stars, the ones who everyone gathered around to extol.
Stephen Steel, Instant Confidence
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Keep in mind that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, re-invent themselves every year. Like you they are eager for a better quality of life and finally decide to do something about it.
Christopher Quinn, Reinventing Yourself at Any Age
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Response is what we have trained ourselves to be; it is a reflection of our manhood, character, ideals. We cannot always control our surface reactions, but we can sit at the helm of our lives and control our responses to the blows of life.
Wilferd A. Peterson
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Everything we do affects everything else. So when we choose to love, whether our children or a stranger, we change the future.
Tom, from the book the five secrets you must discover before you die by John Izzo Ph. D.
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If you want to achieve great things, you need to have a great dream. Famous Quotes
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Speak to yourself in the same way you would speak to a good friend who is in need of support and encouragement.
Noelia Aanulds, Happiness: Learn How To Be Happy And Boost Your Life
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When individuals choose to set a certain limit for themselves, they are instantly thrusting themselves into a little box.
Michael Austin Jacobs, Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life
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Challenges aren’t negative things; they give life meaning and make us stronger. They help you to develop in ways you never thought you could.
lance dale, A Shot of Positivity: Overcoming Obstacles
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A simple change in our behavior and thinking can be the spark that encourages others to acts just as empathetically.
John Shea, Strategic Empathy
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We first must think “I can,” then behave appropriately along that line of thought. Marsha Sinetar
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Many people, especially men, feel it is an admission of weakness to ask for help or to express a need. But there is absolutely no shame in needing others.
Rick Warren
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If a person becomes content with what is average, minimally acceptable, or satisfactory, she will rarely exert the effort or work toward something that is truly excellent or outstanding.
Charles Stanley
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