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one by Richard Bach

Book Review
by Richard Bach
Reviewed by Catherine Pulsifer

Have you ever read a book that made you stop and think? One that is different than all the others?

Over the past weekend I read Richard Bach’s book, “one”. It is a book that is written in a story format; one that has many messages in it and one that makes you stop and think.

It is about choices we make. And how the direction of our lives comes down to the choices we choose. To quote from the book:
“A tiny change today brings us to a dramatically different tomorrow. There are grand rewards for those who pick the high hard roads, but those rewards are hidden by years. Every choice is made in the uncaring blind, no guarantees form the world around us.”

I found myself involved in the story, when I finished the book I had many thoughts about my own life. It is a book that I would recommend you to read!

On the back cover the following quote is shown. It is a good quote for reflection!
“I gave my life to become the person I am right now.
Was it worth it?”

Enjoy the inspirational words of wisdom that the author , Richard Bach, offers in this wonderful book!The book is available at Amazon.

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While the book covers many topics the main theme in our opinion is “choices”. Here are some of our thoughts about choices along with where the quote came from so you can read more:

Choices. We all make them everyday. Some are good, and some are not so good. Byron Pulsifer, Choices, An Inspirational Thought

We all make choices everyday of our lives – some of these choices are more natural than others, some choices we do without thinking much about, and some choices are a bit more challenging. Catherine Pulsifer, To Choose Is To Live

Our entire life is made up of choices, what we decide, the action we take, the attitude we display all represent the steps of life. Catherine Pulsifer, Life Choices

We all make choices – we can all teeter from time to time on the precipice of life’s choices. Byron Pulsifer, What is Your Destiny

The other truth about deciding and making your own choices is that you will make them on whatever basis and for whatever reasons when you are good and ready. Some people take longer than others to make these choices. I know this can be frustrating to parents, friends, wives and husbands but that is the way of life. Byron Pulsifer, A Music Lesson

You have a lot of life choices to make, and there are a lot of issues, obstacles and concerns to deal with as one walks down the road. Why on earth would you limit your future by starting out with a poor foundation? Byron Pulsifer, The Art Of Bricklaying

Change is one of the tough choices in life. Byron Pulsifer, I Wanted To Change The World

Some people are not aware it’s their choice to create their own destiny while others set personal goals and take responsibility for the direction of their lives. Catherine Pulsifer, Your Destiny

All through life, we make choices. Some of those choices lead to good things happening and some of those choices come back to haunt us. Byron Pulsifer, Going To Sleep Did Not Help

When you decide that adversity has no power over your choices, and when you put your faith in God, all adversities are no more than inconveniences that can be overcome. Byron Pulsifer, Adversity and God

You have a choice about how you will respond, or how you will positively deal with issues. Byron Pulsifer, To Live More

The direction chosen for one’s life is actually no different than having a goal or goals for life. Without knowing what you want from life, you may end up with a lot of things that you do not want. Byron Pulsifer, The Defined Purpose

Part of harmony is knowing what makes you happy, knowing what it is that means a full and wholesome life. If there is no harmony, there are several choices to make, or you can continue to stay in the same rut. Byron Pulsifer, Holiday Harmony

The real secret to positive influence is to be aware of how you act, and react, and how you speak and the words you choose. Catherine Pulsifer, Motivational Rocks

We are human beings full of emotions and behaviors but we all have a choice to make our lives what we want; our perceptions and reactions can be controlled if we understand that there are hundreds of inputs everyday that call us to respond. Byron Pulsifer, Do Not Take It Personally

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