Worth The Room

Worth The Room

Book Review
Worth The Room
By Reverend Paul Lachlan Peck, M.ED.
Reviewed by Catherine Pulsifer

“Worth The Room” is the life story of a survivor! It is a story of abuse, of helping others and of success!

While reading the book, it drove home the philosophy that life is all about choices. We all have the power to change, no matter what our past experiences. In life, there are times when the challenges we face are enormous, but we are the ones that decide upon the choices we make. Paul Lachlan Peck had to make choices; and the choices he made led him to success.

The book also reinforced the point that there is always someone is worse off than oneself. If you find that you’re feeling sorry for yourself, or if you find yourself overwhelmed, read this book. Paul’s childhood was one, which I hope many of us did not have to endure. His life was full of challenges in his work, in his family life, and with his own gender identity.

Paul’s story is an inspiration, one in which he overcame many challenges, and went on in life to help others lead a more rewarding life.

I found myself still thinking about the book even when I was not reading it. It kept my interest and drew me to keep reading. You may find that some of the ideas in the book will challenge your own thinking.

Reverend Paul Lachlan Peck certainly is “worth the room” he takes up on this earth. He is a man who has given back to others more that he ever had! Truly an inspiring book that I heartily recommend.

You can obtain the book online from Amazon.com

More inspirational quotes about choices:
The point is that we can make choices that help us to move forward through adversity, or we may make choices that assist others to move beyond or through some of life’s issues. Byron Pulsifer, Choices, An Inspirational Thought

A tiny change today brings us to a dramatically different tomorrow. There are grand rewards for those who pick the high hard roads, but those rewards are hidden by years. Every choice is made in the uncaring blind, no guarantees form the world around us.” one by Richard Bach

Are you facing a similar situation, a comfortable situation? Or, are you prepared to make choices that free you to do what you love, or, at the least, enjoy and do not hate? Catherine Pulsifer, Happy Things

We all have a choice; some of these choices to be more and have more will not be easy – but then, what is challenging to do in the long run is worth every minute because you did it knowing it was your choice. So, pick yourself up, move forward and be what you want and everything you can be right now – start today! Byron Pulsifer, You Can’t Keep Me Down

You can decide to change your values, or you can decide to change your destiny, or you can decide to set a new sail, or to keep your own ship sea worthy. Byron Pulsifer, What Is Your Destiny

We have the choice to learn as much as we need to or want to, and we have the choice to take what we have learned to new levels by using these skills to better our lives. All of these choices are within our power; there are no choices that are given to us by any set of circumstances for it is within out power not to give circumstances any power over us. Byron Pulsifer, Dream Big And Live Life Well

The other truth about deciding and making your own choices is that you will make them on whatever basis and for whatever reasons when you are good and ready. Some people take longer than others to make these choices. Byron Pulsifer, A Music Lesson

In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices. Dr. Kathleen Hall, Alter Your Life: Overbooked? Overworked? Overwhelmed?

There are many ways to build a life and you can do it on the cheap with using poor choices for a foundation or you can chose to build your foundation of bricks using the best materials, the best choices, the best training. Or, you can allow just any old way to create the ‘you’ that will be your life forever. Byron Pulsifer, The Art of Bricklaying

Change is one of the tough choices in life. How many times have you wanted to help someone else change their ways only to find that they keep moving on in the same direction and with the same behaviours and attitudes? Byron Pulsifer, I Wanted To Change The World

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