How I Made My Millions

How I Made My Millions

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I was working all day and took a break for my supper. I was flipping through the channels and just happened to come across CNBC’s program, How I Made My Millions ( I snickered when I saw the title of the program thinking, oh this must be one of those info commercials that promises to make you millions and most of the time you end up spending lots of money and making nothing.

What I Did Not Expect
The program came on and I was truly motivated by watching and listening. These were ordinary people, like you and me, with good ideas. They not only talked about their idea, they took action and persevered even though many people laughed at their idea. The last laugh is, of course, on those who originally laughed. The people featured on this show are now millionaires, and they persevered and took the steps necessary to achieve their success. Yes, they had setbacks, and rejection, but that did not deter them from continuing. And, it truly paid off for them.

So often we have a good idea but we don’t take action. Or, we are discouraged at the challenges that face us. We give up far too easily, we don’t persevere.

The Choice Is Clear
I can remember when I worked for a large corporation, making a decent salary, but no longer enjoying the work I was doing. I wanted to work on my websites but I could not see any way to generate an income that would support my family. After years of frustration, I finally left my corporate job and focused on the websites. With focus and perseverance, I was able to learn and apply many different theories – some worked, others were disastrous, but I never gave up. I can’t tell you how many times I read the saying on my desk – “persistence prevails when all else fails:. I am now generating a good income – I am not a millionaire – yet – but I continually learn and push the envelope.

Not An Easy Decision
Now, don’t get me wrong. The choice to leave my corporate job and a secure check every two weeks was not an easy one. Examining every aspect of what I enjoyed and did not enjoy, though, made the choice much easier. The real question for me was would I be happy doing what I was currently doing until I retired? The answer came quickly and it was a definite no.

Hard But Necessary
But, just because I now knew the answer did not make leaving any easier. So, I had to develop a plan that would give me a lot of satisfaction and also would, down the road, give me a reasonable income. I wasn’t foolish enough to believe in get rich schemes either, so I knew that my quest would entail a certain level of risk coupled with a lot of dedicated and hard work. But, I was prepared to work hard and long. The reason I knew I could do it was because, in the past, I had taken on some extremely difficult jobs for my employer and succeeded. Part of the reason for my success was basically twofold; I developed a plan, and secondly worked my plan to accomplish my assignment. When you are armed with these two parts, you can take on and win but realize that not everything will be a smooth road.

The purpose in sharing this story with you is to encourage you to take action on your ideas, and to persist! Learn from your failures, overcome the challenges; and, as Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Inspirational Quotes To Consider:
“Doing nothing gets you nothing.” Sean Reichle

“Each moment of our life, we either invoke or destroy our dreams.” Stuart Wilde

“Many great ideas go unexecuted, and many great executioners are without ideas. One without the other is worthless.” Tim Blixseth

“A lot of people have dreams and never do anything about them. When you have ideas and dreams, you do something about it.” Paul Newman

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