Human Relations Unavoidable

Human Relations Unavoidable

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2015

Unless we happen to be hermits never associating with anyone, we all are involved one way or another in human relations.

And, as we all know, some of these relationships are more challenging than others. Or, said in another way, there are some people we’d rather not be around at all.

Enemies Personified
It probably would also be fair to say that there are even some people that we might consider enemies.

While these people may not be enemy combatants in military terms, they may at times appear to be more bent on causing us grief of one kind or another, or in a more subtle manner, take every opportunity to paint us in a less than favourable light.

I’m sure, for example, that most of us could recall a person or persons in a work situation that seemed to go out of their way to either give us a hard time for no apparent reason, or were just plain gruff and miserable especially when we were required to work alongside them.

To say that their presence was enjoyable would be the same as saying that you love to eat raw onions for lunch.

The Hurt Remains
Or, you may remember back in your high school or grade school days, a particular male or female who revelled in pushing you around (physically or mentally), ridiculing you whenever they could find a welcoming ear, or persuading all their friends that you were unworthy of their inner circle.

Some people today would call this bullying and they would probably be right.

Life is full of people that cause us stress. So what is the answer or approach one should take in any of these situations?

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