Hurry Down Sunshine

Hurry Down Sunshine

Book Review
Hurry Down Sunshine
By Michael Greenberg
Reviewed by

The most remarkable aspect of this book is that the author Michael Greenberg writes about a matter that is close to his heart, and he writes about a time that was very difficult in his life.

Michael has written a book that is a journey of his daughter’s mental illness, her struggles, her fears, and her successes. He also documents that journey of a father, in this case Michael, and the journey that the family of his daughter embarks on with her.

Some of us may have only a faint idea of the reality of living with mental illness but this book will help to make you understand the real story, thoughts and emotions.

Anyone who is facing mental illness in their family, or anyone wanting to understand from a family’s point of view then the book, Hurry Down Sunshine is one that must be read. A true, and at times heartbreaking , story that shows the challenges of mental illness.

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