Trust in the Lord

Trust In The Lord

By Deen Kemsley
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The author, Deen Kemsley, states he had a singular intent in writing this book, and it was “to prompt readers to look within themselves to find the light and peace of Jesus Christ.”

Throughout the book, Deen shares a spiritual journey in his stories that make the reader reflect upon the message of the story, and many times allows the reader to see reflections of the Lord. It is truly an inspirational book filled with personal accounts of actual life experiences. Deen is able to capture your attention and offers words of wisdom that do reflect Jesus Christ as he shares his stories.

Some of our favorite inspirational quotes from the book
God is the fundamental fact of our existence, the driver of all security, meaning, and purpose.”

“Through self sacrifice, parents reflect Christ for their children to see.”

“If we’re perceptive, we’ll discover that God grants each of us opportunities like this to find ourselves in the common bond of Christ.”

“Christ’s power to heal is deeper than our deepest pain.”

“To pass over the bridge to Christ and to feel his cleansing joy in our lives, we must forgive others.”

“. . . we will all face tough times, and in these times we need the seal and protection of Christ upon us.”

One Sentence To Summarize
The last sentence in the book summarizes everything Deen has written about and this sentence summarized the entire book for me. The sentence is:
“God is there, he hears your prayers, and he loves you.”

More Info
Read more info on the book and the author at Trust in the Lord, Deen Kemsley The book is also available at

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