If You Hear the Message Three Times, LISTEN

If You Hear the Message Three Times, LISTEN

Book Review
If You Hear the Message Three Times, LISTEN
By Patricia Heller
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This is a story of one woman’s challenges in life, specifically her illness, and how she overcame it. Patricia shares not only her story, but also more importantly her learning’s, her discoveries. She discusses real life examples that she faced and the steps she took to overcome them from health issues to marital issues to grief.

Throughout her story, Patricia shares with the reader the tools and insights on how she “listened” to the messages in her life. Some of her methods may be new to you. Some people will have to have an open mind as they read her suggestions and techniques. To quote Patricia, “Letting go of old beliefs is hard.”

As I read the book, I was impressed with Patricia’s determination to overcome the issues facing her. Many people would have given up, but Patricia was willing to try almost anything to live a life of intention. At times, she faced criticism, failure, and heartache. But, she persevered by learning, listening, and taking action.

Inspirational Quotes from the book:
“What I learned is that we must tune in and listen to our own innate healing messages if we want a lasting cure .”

“When I finally was able to grasp the possibility that we have more responsibility for what happens to us in our lives than I’d thought, I still had to hear the message on how to get well three times and three different ways before I could accept and understand it.”

“Letting go of old beliefs is hard.”

“It was the beginning of my realization that it’s how you view things, not how they turn out that shapes your life.”

“. . . money is only a tool – inner peace can’t be bought, nor health; and two, there is always more money.”

“We were now getting into the little-known fact that we attract whatever we choose to give our attention to – whether wanted or unwanted.”

“…nothing happens at random in our lives, and we draw to us what we need to learn and grow.”

“A beginners mind enables us to see old things in startlingly new and exciting ways.”

“Many new things open when we let go of our own imposed limitations and go into a place of the nonknowing of a beginner.”

“So many times, we determine our self-worth by comparing ourselves to others.”

“Now, when I feel I am not measuring up in life, I ask what it would take to make me feel good, and I do it. I take responsibility for my own emotional and spiritual work and allow others to do the same whatever way they choose.”

“Whenever I feel myself anticipating what I expect to happen, I let it go.”

“The next time you have an expectation of how an event, party, or date should go, stop the chatter in your mind, take a deep breath, and let every expectation go. Now enjoy yourself and others with no anxiety, no fuss, no muss.”

“While spending a lifetime finding the answer, along the way I discovered humor makes the journey a lot more enjoyable.”

“You get what you give.”

“Whenever you feel negative, if you’re going around grumbling and mumbling, stop. Breathe in joy and say an affirmation. Think of something you like about yourself, something beautiful, as a way to jerk you out of negativity.”

“The essence of feeling safe and secure comes not from connecting with another person, but from connecting to our own higher self. Security only comes from within.”

“With more information comes more awareness; with more awareness comes more choice on how to live our lies – honestly, as our true authentic selves.”

“We are spirit having a human experience, not humans having an occasional spiritual experience.”

“We all have access to the collective essence of the great teachers, even those of us with limited religious backgrounds and beliefs. We must only be willing to surrender and open to their wisdom and comfort.”

“Knowing what you want is powerful.”

Patricia has written about her journey in a manner that is entertaining but also sharing her knowledge. As you read the book, you will feel Patricia’s passion for life. It is a book that may challenge your thinking, but may help you in your own healing process, and could also help you in living a life of intention.

The book is available at Amazon.com

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