Keep Climbing

Keep Climbing

How I Beat Cancer and Reached the Top of the World
By Sean Swarner with Rusty Fischer
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Keep Climbing is an amazing story of the determination of one cancer survivor with a goal to climb the highest mountain. Sean Swarner‘s story reinforces that you can do anything that you set your mind on!

A Life Changed Forever
Sean was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at the age of thirteen. His whole life changed and his fight against cancer was one that is an inspiration for us all. Sean thought he had fought the battle and won only to be diagnosed with an Askin tumor. Against all odds, he fought this new cancer and won. Determined to live each day, Sean set a goal to climb Mount Everest. His story is one of perseverance and persistence. The challenges he faced, as he tried to make this goal a reality, are ones that most people would have given up on.

Be Grateful For What You Have
To quote Sean, “Time and time again, events made me realize that there’s so much more to life than what most people think (or what I thought before my diagnosis). Everyone complains about tiny things; they forget that they’re lucky to be out of their house doing something and not running to the bathroom puking all over themselves.” His book will make you be thankful for what you have, rather than complaining about what you don’t have.

Sean’s book also reinforces to take action on your goals today, not tomorrow, not next week, but, today. Sean writes, “If you want to do something and you have a goal, do it, don’t wait, because your channel might change sometime soon – and quite unexpectedly.” Once you read his story, you will be inspired to take action today to reach your goals.

The book is dedicated to “all those affected by cancer in this small world.” Once you read Sean’s book, you will understand what he means by “this small world”.

Favorite Inspirational Quotes From The Book:
“During both the day and night, I focused on feeling better and not letting any negative thoughts into my head. It’s amazing how mental being physical can be. . .”

“I knew in an instant that my hair didn’t matter, that having no hair didn’t matter, that wearing a wig didn’t matter. Friends, family, doctors, nurses – people – they were all that mattered.”

“You never know when something might not go well, so go out and enjoy it now.”

“I realized at a very young age that health is precious, and too many people don’t realize it until it’s slipping away, or worse yet, it’s gone.”

“It’s ridiculous not to live happily with what you have, enjoying the fact that you have that day and your health. I think too many people take that for granted.”

“The reason for this entire expedition was to provide some sort of hope and inspiration. To encourage people to believe in themselves, to follow their own dreams, and to go after their own goals, whatever they may be. I was hoping to encourage people to become active members of life.”

“It is also those mistakes that make us unique individuals, and it’s up to us to take advantage of the opportunities to make the best out of situations.”

“Life tosses people curveballs once in a while to see how they handle them.”

” . . . live, love, laugh, learn, and lead by example. Those five things are, I believe, the basis of life.”

If you are in a rut, feeling sorry for yourself, if you lack determination, if you need a bit of inspiration, then read Sean’s story. Available at Amazon.

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