Inspirational Sayings Page 5 – Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Inspirational Sayings Page 5

You are no accident. You are wonderfully made. There is a purpose to your life. Vinnie Fisher, The Best Investment: A Better You   

If you spend your entire life wanting more, you will never be happy. Claire Shannon, Gratitude: Feel Grateful Today and Every Day

The Bible is like a flashlight for you and me. It shows us the way to walk in a world that’s full of darkness. Dannah Gresh, The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo  
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inspirational sayingI learned that it’s not just talking to God, but listening to Him as well. Kimberley Payne, Feed Your Spirit   

I don’t think that anything reveals the state of a person’s soul more clearly than the words that come out of his mouth. R.C. Sproul. The Prayer of the Lord  

As mysterious as it seems, and as impossible as it seems, Christ is in Heaven, but He also lives in the hearts of those who have invited Him in. Lydia Chorpening, Bigger than Impossible  

The Journey toward spiritual wholeness is one that spans a lifetime and projects into eternity. Jan Dargatz, 52 Simple Ways To Give Your Spiritual Life A Lift  
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People are inspired by the self-sacrifice of others. Doborah Norville 

I felt that the reward of knowing God in this life was enough. When Christ became a real force in my life and entered into my daily decision-making, the joy and freedom that I felt from His presence seemed an unbelievable reward. Bryant Cornett, A Rooster Once Crowed  

If we want true freedom in Christ, than we cannot allow the world to define who we are. Our standards of living should be found in Christ. Dr. Tom Knotts, 10 Steps to Abiding In Christ  

If we will take the time to face God and tell Him that He is a great provider, it blesses Him, as well as helping us to remember all the times He’s taken care of us. Carolyn Molica, WINGS: A Journey in Faith from the Earthly to the Heavenly  

God calls us to come to His Word often to mine this treasure, which requires a more determined effort than taking a cursory look. Dr. Stephen A. Gammon, Walking With God  

I can’t see the wind, but I can feel it. I can’t see the cold, but I can feel it. I can’t see God, but I can feel His presence in my life. Catherine Pulsifer  

Trusting Him to work out your circumstances instead of using your own might and power will bring deep satisfying joy into your life. Joyce Meyers, Knowing GOD Intimately  

Some of you need to do less. Not less for God, but less in other areas so you’ll have more time to do what matters most. Rick Warren  

We serve a God so rapt with wonders that their viewing requires an eternity. A God whose beauty enhances with proximity. Max Lucado, What Make Heaven Heavenly?  

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