Motivational E-Books

Motivational E-Books

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Some may believe that the only real inspirational thoughts come from those dusty books sitting quietly in a library or in some new paperback just printed. But, there are many great e-books written today that never make it to a library or store shelf. These books contain wisdom through inspirational messages that is just as good or even better than what is available on bookshelves.

Work Today
Some of this wisdom reflects upon the conditions and work we do today as well as makes steaming remarks about the phoniness of some of our work. In the past, I also engaged in work for a corporation that saw me work many hours of overtime and where the next day was even more hectic than the day before. It was very easy to get caught up in all the meetings, conferences, off site conferences and trips away. There were many highly powered key executives in all of these meetings who constantly pushed harder to do more and make more profit.

Your Ethics
Through all of these years, though, I maintained a set of ethics that were often tested by the demands to get the job done with little attention to the cost in human factors. But, I also believed in each person and gave those who needed help my time and energy. Not everyone made it through those years without being a little bent or frustrated or disillusioned. Thank goodness, though, I had my set of strong ethics and these were embedded in the power of God.

Each person I met or worked with was treated with respect and kindness – it didn’t matter who they were or what position they held. But, at the same time, I did not give in to dishonesty or less than open communication believing in fair and honest relationships.

Your Beliefs
We can all be tested severely no matter what we do or where we work but there is no reason strong enough to give any of us permission to forget their ethics, their humanness, their honor and honesty, or their belief in doing what is thought to be right. Sure, some may pay the hard way for their beliefs but then that is a true test of one’s beliefs. You cannot sit on the fence forever; you either fall on one side or the other sooner or later so why not decide to be on the right side from the get go.

The Best Ebook
I would encourage you to seek out some of these e-books and read of true-life stories, inspirational and motivational messages, and the real test of some principles in life. But the one book that is the best self help book that I have ever read is the Bible. There are many versions of the Bible available and you can find them in ebooks. If you want to find success, if you want to find happiness, if you want peace and contentment in your life then find a version of the Bible that you are comfortable with and read it. Parts that you don’t understand, find someone that has studied the Bible and discuss it with them. Truly life changing if you just take the time to read it – your life will be transformed.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“I give thanks to God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost for the powerful impact the word has had upon my life. Without the word quickened in my heart by the Holy Ghost I would’ve been lost and undone.”Michael Yeager

“You may plan to write a book some day, but you are living a book every day.” Wilferd Peterson

“A belief in the supernatural is much bigger than a mere belief in flying pigs.So if the supernatural had a hand in making birds, flowers, trees, fruit, horses, cows, elephants, milk, cheese, eggs and butter, it’s only natural to believe in the supernatural as it is portrayed in the Bible.”Ray Comfort, God Speaks: Finding Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness

“Yes, the Old Testament is filled with wisdom, but most can agree that if Jesus is who he says he is – the son of God – learning about his life and how he lived is a crucial blueprint on how we should repent and live according to his instruction. Jesus is fascinating.” Andrew Wright

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