Motivational Words in Front of You

Motivational Words in Front of You

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We all need motivational thoughts and encouragement throughout the day, month and year. To go without words of encouragement means that there is little that comes to you throughout the day that is either uplifting or is expressed as words of encouragement. This is especially important in a world filled with challenges, problems and tribulations. There is no person who is devoid of theneed to hear or read or be told about things, thoughts and help that can fill a heart faster.

For some of us, these motivational snippets come from reading books that can give us our daily dose of inspiration, and for others, it means that something more visual is much more to our liking.

Visual Words
The visual motivation I refer to is a product that is in front of you on a daily basis. This can be a motivational calendar that contains new quotes for each day of the year.

The way to use this calendar is varied including keeping it on your nightstand so you can flip to a new day when you awaken and keep this thought with you throughout the day. If you start your day without hope, motivation or inspiration it is far too common an occurrence that your day will soon be filled with all the normal and not so normal issues that each person must face.

You Cannot Hide From Them
You can’t hide from issues nor can you just ignore them. Issues, problems, obstacles, roadblocks and adversity are as common as a cold. To combat all of these concerns requires a starting point that offers hope, good counsel and thoughts of perseverance throughout your day.

Or, you can also keep a motivational calendar in your work area so that each day when you start work, you can begin with a motivational quote that helps set a positive tone for the rest of your day. When you possess such an inspirational thought well nestled within, it is much easier for you to meet head on what lies before you. And, what is also very important is that you can also use these digested thoughts as a way to encourage some of your colleagues who are facing difficulties of their own.

Wise Words To Help Another
It is vital ingredient to counter the challenging forces in life that you possess what is not mired in despair but more that is based upon the richness of helping another person. It is in this way that you can spread helping by assisting another through challenges so that they might be better able to overcome what assails them.

Sometimes, though, it may mean reading this same quotation over and over again because you are faced with trying and difficult challenges and need a little more encouragement throughout the day. It is true that some issues or problems extend outward to encompass more than just an hour or a day or even more than a week.

Seek Counsel From Others
Sometimes, challenges linger longer than anyone ever could have imagined. But, with each challenge comes an opportunity to appeal to the wisdom of others who have faced similar issues or problems in this life. Remember that you are not the only one who has ever had to deal with a problem. Take good counsel from those who have not only dealt with problems or issues but from those who have risen beyond their problems and have made it over and beyond them.

Visual Pictures
Some people also choose to purchase an inspirational picture or poster with a very appealing quote and picture that visually becomes embedded in your subconscious mind. Each time you face a stressful situation, an unpleasant task, or a demanding challenge, you can bring this vision of your posture or picture vividly into your consciousness. Why is this advantageous for you? Simply explained, a lot of people are visually inspired. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is this visible image that often sticks with you even more than words that have been read or heard.

Power Restored
Think about the power of a positive image this way. If you’ve ever been on vacation to a southern island, or to another country, you may have personally witnessed a beautiful scene or an architecturally magnificent building. As you probably have experienced even after being away from the scene for many months or even years you can still recall this image into your conscious level with ease. It sticks with you. Thus, a positive or inspirational picture can also stick with so that when situations or issues arise you can easily bring this inspirational picture, and its’ message, back into your conscious thinking. It is with this conscious awareness that a positive message helps you to deal with whatever issue you are facing.

No matter what you employ as a method of motivation, one thing is for sure – keep true to your desire to put inspirational thoughts at the forefront of your day, your life, and your thinking.

Positive Impact As A Legacy
You cannot be positive and move forward with life if you struggle with negative thinking. Negative thinking not only limits your ability to deal effectively with problems or issues that arise, but it also is the last thing that you want to leave as a legacy for those close to you. What am I talking about? Let me explain.

The aspect of thinking about leaving a legacy may seem a little strange at first but think of it this way. A legacy might be referred by some as the bequeathing of wealth to a younger generation. On the one hand, leaving wealth may not be in and of itself a bad thing but money does not make a person’s worth and, therefore, not a legacy that remains strong and vibrant. However, when you influence another person, especially a young person, there is a legacy left that lasts for years and may last for even more.

A positive contribution to a young person means that they have been counseled, or seen firsthand, what another person does in a behavioral sense, and what another person says about situations in life. If this young person goes on to positively influence another person and that person also positively influences another person this is akin to leaving a living legacy.

A legacy of positive behavior, of positive actions, of helping others, of assisting in the development of life’s tools is a legacy far beyond bequeathing money. As you know, money can be spent and squandered for self-satisfaction rather than for helping others. I also know that wealth can do much good when it is applied to helping others through endowments for education or for funding hospitals and so on.

But, my point is more about the average everyday person who has an abundance of wealth inside of them; this wealth shows itself in the love of others often demonstrated by steering another person away from self-pity. This behavior, this positive outlook, this ability to wade through the muddy waters of life and help others do the same is a lasting tribute to their caring and compassionate self.

So, are you still unsure whether or not inspirational messages and pictures are shallow?

There are great ways to keep those motivational words in front of you which will have a positive impact on your thinking and those around you as you travel the streets of life.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Words can be a great encouragement, describe love, but they can also destroy if not used properly.” William Hemsworth

“You can download a few inspirational quotes on your phone and read them in the mornings. This will make sure that you will be in a place to keep yourself motivated throughout the day and complete all your tasks.” Jill Hesson

“In the case of good books, the point is not how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.” Mortimer J. Adler

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