My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2012

There are some really good friends out there and I am fortunate enough to have one. Now, my friend doesn’t always get to do what he wants, but then neither do I.

A Friend Who Listens
The good thing about my friend, and there are many great things, is that no matter what I say he is always listening, he listens very attentively. There is always a great deal of attention to what I have to say and he never interrupts me by trying to get in a word when I just need to talk and get things off my chest. You certainly can’t say this about a lot of friends who always want to get their words in and always think they know where I am going with some of my concerns or problems.

A Friend Who Always Agrees
My friend is also willing to go anywhere I want to go. It doesn’t really matter to him whether that is to the grocery store, or for a drive in the country or to simply hang out on the back patio. Not every friend will do that for you seeing that they are more often than not desiring to do something different with their time. Some friends even go so far as to disagree when I make a suggestion thinking that they should be considered first instead of what I want. I suppose they can say whatever they want but my good friend never would dream of disagreeing with what I want to do.

A Friend Who Is Always Happy
My good friend is always there to share in my happiness when things go well or I have had a really good day at the office. He is always ready and willing to listen to my exploits, how I was able to get a difficult task completed before my boss expected it to be done. And, my good friend never criticizes me either when I have had a bad day. He never prevents me from venting my frustration and never makes a suggestion that I should always see the positive rather than the negative.

A Friend Who Defends Me
One of the other great attributes of my friend is his ability to defend me from anyone else who may try to harm me. He can be a little intimidating and it isn’t very often that anyone will even throw a bad remark my way when we are out walking down the street or going through the park.

A Friend Who Never Holds A Grudge
My friend is not one to hold a grudge about anything. I know at times I have probably said some things that hurt or will totally uncalled for, but never a complaint, not even a snide remark or a pouting face.

A Friend Who Sometimes Can Be Stubborn
Now, there are times that I am sure my friend had thoughts of staying away, or just sitting on the front porch without even acknowledging me. There are times when my friend also seems to have a mind to do what they want ignoring me when I yell at them to stop doing and listen. Sometimes, it takes me a little longer than usual to get my friend to listen to my demands but, in the long run, my friend always does the right thing.

The bond of friendship is more like the permanent glue that binds anything together forever.
“The bond of friendship is more like the permanent glue that binds anything together forever.”

I Am Grateful
There is a lot to be grateful for in my friend; it is a friendship that continues to grow each day without compromise, without complaint, and without seeking any special favors or demands. This is a true friendship that most would envy if they also had the same opportunity. You can find a friend like this but only if you are willing to give your full attention from time to time, if you are willing to help when they are caught in a bind that they are unable to extricate themselves from, and only if you keep them close at all possible times.

Who Is This Great Friend?
He is such a great companion, a true friendship. He is my dog.

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