Peace Quotes Page 3

Peace Quotes Page 3

  1. What peace we can have as we put aside senseless questions – knowing that even if we were told the answer we wouldn’t understand – and simply have faith in God. Margaret Weston, How Do I Know I Know God?
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  2. Perfect Peace only comes to those motivated to seek it.Anthony Pereira
    Monday Motivation
  3. Each of us divinely inspired in a unique way, we all have the same goal: joy, peace and love.Mary Bray, Nurture Your Body
  4. With the ability to make ourselves happy, calm, focused, and relaxed, the state of being we achieve when we feel loved is unlike any other.Osho, Third Eye And Mysteries
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  5. Living in the present peacefully and ethically, no matter what tomorrow may bring, is living with Tao.Daniel Hajime, Taoism
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  6. So there is no given place or formula that you should pray; rather, it is all about praying without being anxious of anything, praying with a thankful heart and repentance about everything and God is bound to answer us with the gift of his abundant peace. Steven Nash, Prayer For Beginners
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  7. It means that we, too, as human beings, are intended to have a relationship with God and with one another, and to live in harmony with the earth.Jo Swinney, Walking with the Bible
    Quotes about Overcoming
  8. Praying gives you a moment of peace

  9. Praying gives you a moment of peace; it’s a chance to recharge your batteries so that you can go on with greater strength. SPCK, Prayers on the Move
  10. Once I learned that it’s ok to be wrong and not perfect but look to the Lord who is perfect and loving, life started to get much more fun and peaceful. Brian L Summy, It’s Not About Me, It’s About God
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  11. Let the Lord be the one to motivate us and indicate what must be done to return to true peace. Russell M. Stendal, The Seventh Trumpet and the Seven Thunders
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  12. You’ll never find your true purpose or have lasting peace in your life making the pursuit of wealth or pleasure your god. Britt Gillette, Coming To Jesus
  13. Peace in these times is dependent on our falling back in love with each other and all other living beings. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Be Love
  14. I have been at peace with myself and at war with myself. Peace is better. Melanie Willard, Dare to be Raw
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  15. But, thank God through the written word I can find joy, peace and comfort through life’s trials. Ruel Fordyce, Hello! I’m Talking To You
  16. In my later years, I came to realize that God is the One seeking out to us, offering that olive branch of peace to us, sending out his people to the world to tell them about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Dr Timothy Sng, How I Became a Christian
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  17. We will also be blessed with a peace that passes all understanding in the present day because we can have confidence that our Lord has all things under His sovereign control and will work all things together for His glory and our good. John Stange, What did Jesus say about Marriage?
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  18. If the only thing you ever accomplished was eliminating all inaccurate thoughts from your mind, you will have come a long way toward happiness and peace of mind. Tim VanDerKamp, How to Conquer Negative Thinking
  19. Words can restore peace in the community. V. Gee

  20. Words can win the hearts of millions. Words can restore peace in the community. V. Gee, Open Quotes
  21. Only someone who has known God and has experienced the peace that is lived when they are in a relationship with God can share something to teach and bring light to the darkness which others are living by–and hopefully succeed in leading them to God. Happy Zhou, How I Discovered God
  22. Don’t exacerbate your own stress by demanding your own outcomes, as painful and horrible as other outcomes may seem. Let God determine his own outcomes and make it your business to be at peace with them. Jessie Clemence, Stressed: A Devotional for the Rough Days
  23. I am so grateful to know that no matter what is going on in my life today, I can always find peace in my heart. And once found, it is my privilege and joy to share it to others. Ruth Fishel, Time for Peace
  24. Happiness is not an object but the state of contentment of a mind at peace. Swami Adiswarananda, The Vedanta Way to Peace and Happiness
  25. To follow the voice of your consciousness is to experience permanent peace and happiness, which, as we have seen, cannot be achieved by following the call of the separate self. Dr. M.A Kawosa, I am Consciousness
  26. “Mother Teresa believed that ‘peace begins with a smile’ and that showing love to our fellow man could make a massive difference.” Scarlett Johnson, 40 Inspirational Life Lessons And Timeless Wisdom From The Life Of Mother Teresa
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  27. Peace comes by nothing external, or at least that has been my experience. It’s as if God stepped into my cage and reached for my hand. Vickie Saine, From Tribulation to Peace
  28. I will not have control over my kids’ decisions as they become adults, and yes, I’m sure they’ll do some stupid things on the road to maturity, but I have peace because I’m training them to be responsible, mannerly, loving, and kind adults. T.J. Williams, Noble Daughters, The Proverbs 31 Challenge
  29. The better you live the present moment, the happier and more peaceful any tomorrows might be. Marianne Clyde, Peaceful Parenting
    Happy Quotes
  30. Through the word we see our potential in God: a life of holiness, godliness, love, joy, peace and wholeness. G B Woodcock, One with Christ
    God Quotes
  31. Peace is in us; we waive our ego’s desire to be stressed and instead abandon ourselves to “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding” (Phil 4: 7). Carolyn Molica, Wings
    Encouraging Bible Verses
  32. When you start to get anxious, you will remember that, because God’s peace dwells in you, peace is your nature. Robert Medlin, Pleasing God
    Good Day Quotes
  33. Meekness is a combination of humility, gentleness and tameness, which allows you to live at peace to the greatest extent possible in this world of turmoil. Michael Faber, Keys to a Happy Life
    Poems about Faith
  34. Almost all current serious unrest has religious and cultural roots. Internationally, intolerance between religious and ethnic groups is rising. No nation seems immune from intolerance, and the stakes are high. Peace will never be achieved until most of us master the attitudes and practices of tolerance.John K. Carmack, Tolerance
  35. The sharing of Christ’s peace reflects reconciliation and new relationship in the community of faith. Mary Louise Bringle, Introducing Glory to God
  36. Accessing the kingdom of God while on earth should be our foremost goal. It is this access that gives us peace, it is this access that gives us the strength to fight on in a broken world, to keep pressing towards the goal, the finish line we all desire. Mark S. Taylor, After These Things
    Trust God Quotes
  37. And now just think a moment what a blessed life that must be – the presence of Jesus always abiding. Is not that the secret of peace and happiness? Andrew Murray, Lord, Teach Us to Pray
    Happiness Quotes
  38. It all depends on what type of life you wish to live. Less pressure, more ease. Peace instead of war. You choose. Raven Mardirosian, 365 Ways to Keep It Real, Heal Yourself and Be Free
  39.  PEACE WITH God is a two-way street. Val Waldeck

  40. PEACE WITH God is a two-way street. Our relationships vertically affect our relationship horizontally! Val Waldeck, When The Storms Come…you can take it
    God’s Love Quotes
  41. Don’t kid yourself. Christ did not come to bring peace. He had a goal. He was charged with a mission from God – to seek and save the lost. To lay his life down for us. Michael Lee Joshua, How Great Is Our God Devotional
    Inspirational Messages
  42. One of the great blessings within Christianity is to live in peace that Jesus left us, this peace is strong, stable, and durable does not change or be affected by any situation. Alberlin Torres, The Power of Believe in Jesus

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