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Perseverance An Essay

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If I could only write 13 words in this essay about perseverance I would use this quote:
“Perseverance allows you to get back on track when you hit a detour.”

Searching For The Secret

Many people search for the one secret that will propel them forward. Some look for these secrets within countless articles, or speak to people who have made it big in a chosen field.

What people are looking for is the one secret that they can duplicate so that, in some cases, they can avoid the work. Others will continuously search for this vital secret so that they can make it to the end of the rainbow, to have what they’ve always wanted, or to create a life where they have more control rather than letting others guide them down an unrewarding path. So, what can be learned by researching; what secret is there that will assist you in capturing your desires and making them real?

What Is It?

For those who actually researched leaders, the inventors, the financially successful, there is one secret found within them all. Don’t be disappointed. The secret is a simple one that we can all do if we put our mind to it. The secret – it is perseverance.

What Does It Mean

Perseverance is the ability to keep going in the face of continuous challenges. It is the ability to disregard distractions and to stay focused. For every success there are tons of failures.

To those who know the secret, these failures served to help them identify ways that failed knowing full well that they would find the right way to succeed. Knowing the secret kept these people excited because it is with this secret ingrained within their souls that they could defeat all those who gave up when met with obstacles, all those who use failure as a rationale to quit, and all those who think that success comes before work.

Who Has Perseverance?

Before we go any further there is one point that must be made. The reason to make this point is that some people do not believe they have what it takes to persevere as others have or as they have seen in the stories of many, many successful individuals.

Perseverance isn’t something that you can go out and buy; it is not something that you receive vicariously or by osmosis; and, it is not something that is beyond what you already possess. Perseverance is something you possessed as a child. Why do I say that?

Take, for example, the perseverance you demonstrated when you first attempted to learn to walk. I can say with absolute confidence that it was very unlikely that you walked upright without falling down the very first time you tried. In fact, I would also be comfortably correct in saying that you only learned to walk after many failed attempts often falling down but getting back up to try again. So, what was it that kept you trying again and again. In essence, it was perseverance.

Rekindling What You Already Possess

What does it mean to rekindle what you already possess? It means that, as discussed above, that you have an innate ability to persevere. It means that you must revisit those persevering attitudes and behaviors and recharge them to bring them to the forefront of your repertoire of skills. It also means that you must divest yourself of all those situations, circumstances, or influences that unconsciously or consciously eroded your enthusiasm to persevere in all areas of your life.

Did you know that returning to childhood type of play is good for your health? It is. But, did you know that throughout your childhood years there could have been negative influences that dissauded you to exercise your persevering state of mind. Again, think back to your youth when it was fun to learn a new skill, like skating for example. Or, how about those early years of learning to hit a ball or to ride a two wheel bicycle. Did anyone ever tell you that you couldn’t learn to hit a ball or ride a bike? Probably not.

Take back what you already possess. It isn’t that you have never engaged in multiple aspects of persevering in different parts of your life. Nor is it that you have not previously demonstrated that you know what it takes to move forward or learn a new skill or even helped someone else learn a new skill through your words and acts of encouragement.

Take back perseverance and embrace it again with renewed confidence and vigor.

Failure As A Teacher

Let’s look at failure as it relates to perseverance. So, what does failure have to do with attaining success?

Failure teaches you that you may have to take detours to get to your end goal. Let’s go back to part of what was discussed earlier about learning to ride a two wheel bicycle. Let’s say that you were not able to quite master riding your bicycle without falling off of it after riding for only a few feet. Do you simply give up or is there another alternative or another way to learn to ride? Well, what about using a set of training wheels that add stability to the bike? These extra wheels are simply an aid; another way to help or a minor detour that helps you eventually learn to ride without using training wheels.

Or, how about an adult holding on to your bike from the rear to help you stay upright? There are possibilities; there are minor detours but detours don’t mean you won’t get there; detours only means that your path is not as straightforward as you would like.

This brings me to talk about another aspect of what it might mean to achieve what you want to accomplish. I’m talking here about the assistance provided by another person or persons. Perseverance doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone; that it is up to you and only you.

Part of life, actually a big part of life, is to enlist the aid of another person along your path to success in any endeavor you might think about. It is the assistance offered or it is the assistance asked for that helps you up the hill. The greatest mistake you can make is to believe that you have to do everything on your own power. Do not assume that asking for help or guidance is to admit defeat. In fact, it is just the opposite. To ask for help or to accept help to accomplish a goal is to also ingrain into your own spirit that you will help others over obstacles or hurdles as well.

As long as you persevere and realize that the detour is simply another alternative path in the direction of your goal, you will continue to move forward. Those who see a detour as a reason to quit, lack perseverance. You will always face challenges as you work towards your goals.

To think that you will not encounter any obstacles along the way is to think that a long lost millionaire relative will leave you a fortune. It takes effort and belief to persevere and stay dedicated to accomplish your goal. When you find yourself doubting whether the effort is worth it visualize how you will feel and what you will have once your goal is completed. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance or assistance either as discussed earlier.

Perseverance means that you will not be satisfied until you attain what you want. It means that no matter how many people tell you you’re foolish to even try, your inner strength will readily discount their negative speak.

Your Spark

Within each person there is a spark; a spark that only you can ignite. Your spark will allow you to see a future that is more rewarding which leads you to setting a goal and which leads you to take action where perseverance is your secret weapon.

Now that you know the secret, what will your life be like in the future?

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:

“You must keep at it, someday soon your perseverance will reap rewards.” Domenico Mazza, How to Find Your Passion

But if you truly believe, if you genuinely believe towards the cause you are fighting for then you shall persevere.” Jeff Carter, Be The Best You

Don’t worry about genius. Don’t worry about being clever. Trust to hard work, perseverance and determination. And the best motto for a long march is: ‘Don’t grumble. Plug on!'” Sir Thomas Treves

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