Please To Meet You

Please To Meet You

Author: Grenville Kleiser

In my first talk with John D. Rockefeller, Jr., what most impressed me was his ingratiating personality. He was modest, poised, responsive – in short, agreeable.

This experience set me to thinking about the people we like best to meet.

In their society we do not have to be on guard against a clashing of opinions or misunderstanding. They are reasonable, adaptable and congenial. We like to associate with them.

It is a pleasure to me people –

Who do not talk about themselves.
Who acknowledge their
Who are thoroughly dependable.
Who practice what they preach.
Who are amenable to advice.
Who never belittle others.
Who are an influence for good.
Who do not boast.
Who are habitually cheerful.
Who believe in the dawn of a better day.
Who are interested listeners.
Who are always sincere.
Who are free from resentment.
Who dress in good taste.
Who are engaged in useful work.
Who give praise where it is due.
Who are quick to right a wrong.
Who avoid pretentiousness.
Who are discreet.
Who know what they are talking about.
Who are always on time.
Who are unselfish.
Who do not gossip.
Who are uniformly considerate.
Who have a keen sense of humor.
Who are dignified.
Who fulfill their obligations.
Who are self-disciplined.
Who possess common sense.
Who do not dally at the door.

We all like to meet people, who are courteous, optimistic and receptive. They inspire us.

Editors note:
This article was published in the Journal of Living in January 1949. When you read through the list I think you will find many of the qualities are ones that we would agree with today about the people who are a pleasure to meet. True words of wisdom that have stood the test of time!

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