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Positive Music


How often do we purchase a music CD due to the words of one song, only to be disappointed when we hear the remainder of the CD? I can’t tell you how many CD’s I own where there is one song on the CD that has a special meaning to me and the rest of the songs are just okay.

Heard Jennie Emery
I recently have had the pleasure of corresponding with a singer by the name of Jennie Emery. She lives in BC, Canada.

She was on an interview that I heard and one of her songs was played. Something about that song intrigued me and I wanted to hear the rest of her CD. I contacted her by email and got her mailing address and ordered the CD.

Pleasantly Surprised
When the CD arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of songs. All of the songs had a positive message that I could personally relate to or reminded me of someone in my life that could use the message in Jennie’s song.

I did some research on Jennie and found a write up about her CD on the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

The site states a quote from Jennie as follows:
“In choosing the songs for this CD I wanted to communicate ideas of awareness, spirituality, peace and harmony. I hope something on this album has special meaning for you.”

Positive Message
My response to Jennie is that you have succeeded! For me personally, the CD does have a special meaning. Rarely do I hear a CD that is filled with such positive messages.

Would Recommend
It is rare that I personally recommend a product however this CD is one that I would recommend. The CD is available from Jennie. Her website, Jennie Emery.

Songs on the CD:
1. Let There Be Light
2. Broken Dreams
3. Sweet Inspiration
4. Tell Me Who I Am
5. Don’t Throw It Away
6. When I’m Back On My Feet Again
7. White Water
8. Love In Any Language
9. Reach For The Light
10. We Shall Be Free
11. I Believe I Can Fly
12. Leading You Home

Beyond The Music
Some music speaks clearly to the one listening while other music provides inspiration to one’s life. But, not all positives need to flow from songs played on instruments. Some music can be heard throughout the day if one has the ears to listen. So, where does this positive music of sorts come from?

You Begin The Music
Each one of us has the capabilities to create positive music throughout each day if we choose to do so. This choice starts at the beginning of each day and thus we have a new beginning available to us.

This new beginning is a free choice; we can squander it by engaging in complaining about the fact that we have to get up and go to work when we would rather be doing something else. However, the free choice we have at the start of the day makes or breaks what will follow us the rest of the hours. This means simply that if you start off the day on a sour note, like the sour note of an instrument, this sourness pervades our thoughts. Unfortunately, it takes greater effort to eliminate this sour note than it does to start the day in tune; in perfect harmony.

Spread The Music
Once you start your day with a positive view, with a note of rejoice, you can positively influence each and every person you come in contact with. From the outset, you are the music and it is up to you to spread this joy. How do you do that?

If your habit is to stop at a local coffee shop before you head to work, it starts with a vibrant good morning to the one who is serving you. It continues at this time with acknowledging that this person is worth your attention because they also need to feel valued and not just to serve as a robot. Once you have your coffee or tea or muffin or donut, you can leave with a meaningful thank you and a wish for that person to have a great day. Sowing seeds of gratefulness doesn’t take much effort nor do you know for sure that there may be any significance to your display of warmth. But, just put yourself behind that coffee counter for a moment and think how you would feel if someone treated you with respect and kindness. Music is not just from a song; music is from your heart.

Dislodge The Non-Musical Notes
One of the best behaviors that you can engage in right from the start of your work day is to eliminate any negativity that crops up. For example, if you are met with a sour attitude after your morning greeting, take a few minutesand ask the person making the remark what is going on. Your concern is not meddling but shows, instead, concern and compassion. You have probably noted similar behaviors by a lot of people through the years. For example, have you ever been greeted by a person who asks how you are and you replied that you weren’t doing very well? What did they likely do? In far too many situations like this the person will probably carry on their way and not ask why you aren’t doing very well. What does this tell you? How do you feel?

It tells you that the person who asked how you were doing didn’t really care how you responded. In fact, you may even say that they performed a robotic behavior with absolutely no meaning or any demonstration of care. And, I’m sure it makes you feel that you are unworthy or that you are unimportant to them. Maybe, you have displayed this behavior at some time through the past week or month or year. However, now you know what has probably gone through the person’s mind. This example serves to point out that everyone should be treated with respect and compassion. The act of concern means that you have played a positive note in their life because you show you care and that they aren’t just another unimportant human being.

Lead Your Own Band
There is one aspect in creating a positive environment wherever you go and that is you can help to create a positive band of people. Now, on the other hand, don’t get me wrong. The change you are looking for may not happen overnight. Don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t happen as quickly as you may have wished.. But, every time you demonstrate a positive attitude through speech and behavior you should understand and accept that you are creating a new positive band member. Again, each new encouragement, each continuation of a positive behavioral model will plant a seed. And, while it may take more time than you think or robust planting of the positive seeds of compassion may have to be done over and over again, each seed will produce fruit and beautiful music over time. A positive and caring behavior demonstrated over time continuously contributes to a healthy and supportive environment.

Helping New Band Members
One of the best on-going behaviors for you to participate in is that of encouraging people. Beware that each person who is advancing in a display of positive and caring behavior will at times face their own opposition from their friends or colleagues. It should be recognized that this opposition is normal. However, when you are a willing coach, a person who is always ready to help, to respond, to encourage, you will be pleasantly surprised how your positive influence will make a difference in the long run. Behaviors don’t change overnight and it is with this reality that helps you carry on despite setbacks. Stay the course. Start a new band. Be the encourager and be encouraged yourself at what happens.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Music is a language that soothes the heart, and is certainly a good method of taking your focus away from your frustrations.” Melinda Bauer, Managing Emotions

A great way to ensure that you always see the positive side of life is by feeding your mind with the right things.” Nick Bell, Organize Yourself Starting Today!

“A good listener is not only popular everwhere, but after a while he knows something.” Wilson Mizner

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