Quotes on Happiness Friendship Truth Trust

Quotes on Happiness Friendship Truth Trust

Quotes on Happiness
“Every day that begins with a smile brings

“Happiness is a state of mind, an attitude that money cannot buy. One mustlook for happiness within, rather than in material acquisitions. Look in nature, look for the good in others.”

“More money does not mean more happiness.”

“People who share their happiness with others truly multiply thier happiness.”

“To be truly happy, one should be aware of oneself.”

“To be happy, admire without desire.”

“Unless we are happy. we cannot give happiness to others; be happy and share happiness.”

“One who neither has trust nor wisdom, nor does one trust anyone, finds no happiness.”

“The person, who can control his anger and desires, finds true happiness.”

“Fill up your life with a few good laughs every day. Life without humor is no life.”

“There are two types of people in the world: happy when they gain; unhappy when others gain.”

“Really happy are those who share their happiness with others.”

“Smiles beget smiles, go miles and miles with smiles.”

“Happiness is a state of mind, an attitude, which money can’t buy.”

“You are the master of your emotions. Choose to be happy or unhappy. Depends entirely on you. Then why not choose to be happy always.”

“The secret of happiness lies in being busy and having not one, but many interests in life.”

“Happiness lies not so much in possessing, as in enjoying what you possess.”

“Greatest happiness in life comes from small things; such as small courtesies to others, small help to the needy, careful and patient listening to one bereaved.”

“Happiness lies at the core of family life.”

“Love, laughter, and smiles not only make life better, but happier.”

Quotes on Friendship
“Friendship is like whisky, the older, the better.”

“Good friendship makes your life richer.”

Good friendship is an intangible asset.”

“A friend is better than a kin as he shares nothing but your pain and pleasure.”

“Prosperity attracts friends; adversity tests them.”

I first met Mr. Soni through an email he sent me on the internet. Over the years we have corresponded and as a result have become friends. He has inspired me with his objective in life. It is: “to help others, cultivate interests in good literature, and write for common good of society.” He shared many words of wisdom through his quotes and messages. Thanks to the internet, a stranger who lived in India, became a friend through email with me (I live in Canada). A friendship developed over the years through our correspondence. A friendship that I shall always treasure.

Friends an important part of our lives. Looking for more friendship thoughts?We also have a collection of inspiring words on friends you may want to read. Visit Friendship Quotes

Quotes on Truth and Trust by M. K. Soni – we hope they remind you to always be truthful. And, that you find trust in others and you yourself can be trusted as you travel through life. Truth and trust two things that contribute to success and happiness not just with friends but with everyone you come across in life!

“Telling a truth is not only a matter of character, but is also a matter of appreciating factual situations and representing them without bias.”

“Trust lies at the core of love; there can be no true love without trust.”

“Look within for value; look beyond for perspective.”

“One, who doesn’t trust anyone, lives most miserably.”

“Trust, amongst human being, acts as a lubricant does for the machines.”

“Truth is reality.”

“Truth from whichever angle you look at it, will be unchanged.”

“Truth diluted is untruth.”

“Truth is bitter; difficult to digest. It requires tact in telling the truth. Otherwise it will find opposition.”

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