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Quotes on Life by M.K. Soni

“Plan your activities, you save not only time, also hurdles in execution.”

“Share your sorrows with others, they would minimize. Share your joys with others, they would maximize.”

Success lies not so much in not falling, as in rising, every time you fall.”

“When the mind gets irritated, reason takes a back seat.”

Attitude and ability are complementary to each other for success in life.”

“All days are not same. Save for a rainy day.When you don’t work, savings will work for you.”

“Respect out of fear is no respect.”

“Till now money used to define power. Now intelligence and innovation will define power.”

“One is never born great. It is the willpower and the action, that make one great.”

“Power corrupts one, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Eyes and ears are your gateways to the world. Keep them wide open.”

Life is like a game of snakes and ladders, one faces many pitfalls before one reaches the top.”

“Every man is potentially great, the difference lies in exploiting ones inner potential.”

“Good luck comes without warning.”

“Just as silver linings can only be found on dark clouds, rays of hopes can be found, when one is facing hardships.”

“Ones greatest journey is the journey within. This journey is introspection. Introspection is a mirror to your inner self. The more often you introspect, the clearer you see yourself. The clearer you see yourselves, the more likely you correct yourself.”

“Hope for the best. Mankind survives on hope.”

“Nothing soars faster and higher than imagination.”

“There are millions in the world bereft of bare necessities, such as food clothing and shelter. It will be criminal to waste these basic things.”

“Based on the bedrock of sincerity and hard work and powered by intellect, one rises to great heights.”

“Aim for the highest. Do not settle for the mediocre.”

“Forget where you have been earlier. What matters is where you go now.”

Honesty is vital for success in business as in life.”

“Give others credit and help they deserve, it bounces back to you.”

“Don’t look for opportunities at the horizon, they are right within your reach. Strive, and do not stop till you grab them.”

“Minds like razors remain sharp and bright, only if kept in use, otherwise they rust.”

“Buy the best and grumble never; buy the cheapest and grumble ever.”

“One is never spared of ones obligations and taxes, during ones life time.”

“Virtue and wealth, is a rare combination.”

“Do not under estimate your enemy.”

“Greatness is not achieved by chance, but by deliberate effort and toil.”

“Do not mistake quietness, for weakness.The wiser think much before speaking.”

“An idle mind starts rotting, as iron starts rusting, after disuse.”

“Mind grows with the use of the senses to observe and understand.”

“Man’s mental faculty is more important, than his physical ability.”

“What one is, is the product of ones mind.”

“Man’s greatest freedom is the freedom of his mind.”

“A good sailor weathers the storm.”

“As body needs nutrition for survival, mind needs ideas for conception.”

“The man who often goes to the bottom, is the one who rises to the top.”

“The fear of God, generally keeps man on a moral track.”

“One never knows the importance of water until a mid-summer afternoon in a desert.”

“Only the needy know the value of money.”

“Finally truth is the winner in any arguments.”

“Don’t take politicians at their face value, they have an immaculate mask for every occasion.”

“Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Let quality be your prime consideration.”

“Music in life is like an oasis in desert.”

“When words pour from the heart, it is real music.”

“Art and culture are the precious heritage of a nation, preserve and protect it from the ravages of time.”

“Courtesy costs nothing, but pays rich dividends. It brings people closer.”

“Integrity lies in, doing what one speaks; speaking what one does.”

“A nations’ future depends largely on its human capital; the quality of human capital depends on the quality of education imparted.”

“Disparity breeds discord.”

“Ideas mean vision, but they will remain dormant until given shape, or passed on to posterity.”

“Greatest happiness in life comes from small things; such as small courtesies to others, small help to the needy, careful and patient listening to one bereaved.”

“Listening is an art. It not only increases your awareness, but brings you closer to others.”

“Discontent is one of the main causes of human progress.”

“No one on the earth is ever perfect. There is always scope for improvement.”

“The path of least resistance takes you nowhere.”

“The road to success is bumpy and rough.”

“One is remembered for what one does for others; not for what one does for self.”

“If it is service, it has to be above self. Selfishness and service are at loggerheads.”

“Introspection leads one to self-discovery.”

“Self-centric is one who bothers about his interests, he doesn’t care about what happens to others.”

“Self-praise carries no recognition.”

“Self-control is the key to inner strength and character.”

“Self-satisfaction leads one to lethargy.”

“Self-confidence is a vital element for success .”

“Sacrifice is one where self-interest, has no place.”

“Don’t take one on the face value. Face is no longer “THE INDEX OF HEART”. A man is like an ice-berg. Only very little is visible outside. Major portion is hidden beneath. There are treasures of virtues, creativity, love, trust, experience, wisdom, knowledge, as also negatives like hate, dishonesty etc, that are invisible. Self-discovery leads one to find ones positive and negative intangibles. This leads one to correct self and lead to higher levels of achievement and improvement.”

“One realizes the importance of things, when there is shortage. This is true whether it is time, money or education.”

“Scars left over by physical injury will disappear over a time, but those left over by abuse or bad words would never disappear.”

“If you follow an ideal , you are bound to improve.”

“Quality and precision are the basis of a fine product; like wise truthfulness and honesty are at the core of a nice person.”

“What did I treasure in my life ?
A. Love and affection from family life.
B. Learning and education as a student.
C. Experience from profession.
D. Knowledge from books.
E. Wisdom from self- discovery.
F. Self-confidence from honesty and hard work.”

“It is not the age, but the senility of the mind, which hastens ones ageing.”

“When you chop a tree, you are hurting a life : it doesn’t cry. It doesn’t mean it has no pain.”

“The mute also have feelings, they speak, not verbally but through eyes, and actions. Be humane and recognize them.”

“Practice, don’t preach. Imbibe, don’t teach.”

“A painter can be seen in his paintings. It is the genius in him that is reflected in ‘his creation’.
It requires keen observation to spot him. This applies to writers and other creative people as well. ”

“It is better to make mistakes when you are young, so as to have enough time to improve.”

“Don’t allow normal situations to turn into emergencies.
Emergencies are the by-product of mal-planning. Emergencies disturb the peace of mind.”

“Doers don’t brag; Braggarts don’t do.”

“Don’t live in the shadow of others, live your own life.”

“You can’t get mango when you sow babool.”
(an old Indian saying: babool is a fruitless tree.)

“Democracy is a game of numbers. True democracy is a unison of hearts.”

“You can’t clap with one hand.”

“Interdependence gives you much bigger a muscle than independence. Interdependence gives you the support of a team , where as independence makes you a lone struggler.”

“One is identified by ones company. People prefer company of persons who are equal to them in intelligence.” “Birds of a feather flock together.”

“A small present is much bigger, than a big promise.”

“Positive thoughts make you feel not only happier, but help you to live longer.”

“A genius is only that extra step ahead of us, which most of us give up, in desperation.”

“Every successful man has some hidden enemies.”

“Greed is the mother of gambling. ‘GREED KILLS THE GOOSE’.”

“Every hero becomes a bore after a few repeats.”

“A frank admission of ones mistakes and sins is a great virtue.”

“You are going to live only one life. If you wish to help others, do right now, as time is running out.”

“Life is a story of sequences, unfolding one after another.”

“A man is a grown child only, unless he grows through self-discovery.”

“Good breeding means more listening: less speaking.”

“Every new idea is opposed first, as it is so uncommon.”

“As it is, life is short, don’t make it shorter by wasting those valuable minutes.”

“Every good laugh adds to your life span marginally.”

“When one doesn’t LIVE rightly, it leads one to EVIL: When one abandons EVIL, he commences to LIVE.
(Live is reverse of Evil)”

“Every one who passed by thought it, to be a stone, till the gem picker found it to be an invaluable gem. There are also gems amongst us, but we we need some one with a discerning eye, to discover.”

“With every passing day you improve your life, IF you have the right attitude.”

“Gain is commensurate with risk.”

To know what you can’t do, is more important than what you can.”

“Abilities don’t need a display. They need recognition.”

“A man goes on rising, until his competence fails him from raising any further.”

“Ability and skill when combine, can produce the finest creations.”

“Courage can convert a minority to a majority.”

“Your attitude is capable of changing your life. Have a positive attitude. Nothing is impossible.”

“Your success lies in helping others succeed.”

“The greater the wind, higher flies the kite: One rises only in the face of resistance.”

“An achiever is a dreamer first: without a dream nothing can be achieved.”

“Our survival depends on our vision and subsequent matching efforts.”

Never get intoxicated by religion, it will never allow you to see humanity in its natural color.”

“Religion combined with politics creates an uncontrollable monster.”

“Attitude is everything, it decides your direction, it decides your future.”

“A man is like an iceberg. The invisible is 90 percent, the visible is only 10 percent. Invisible is more important to be known, that is the real man.”

“Man was safer against tigers earlier, than against himself today.”
“Indeed true, man has become his own enemy by creating dangerous weapons of killing humananity, at an unimaginable rate.”

“The spark of greatness could one day be the fire of greatness.”

“Sometimes the words can be sharper than a sword. Be cautious in their choice, or they may hurt others.”

“A spoken word is like an arrow, once shot it can’t be recalled back. Be cautious while speaking.”

“Don’t try to undermine others; you will not succeed. In doing so you will undermine yourselves.”

Three strong attributes, which characterize a person, are hope, trust and a sense of charity.”

“Whatever one does should add value or else, the action will bear no fruit.”

“Optimism makes a life happier and meaningful.”

“Gentleness will soften even the cruelest heart.”

“One who controls his mind, by controlling ones desires, is the one who can exercise full control over him. He is the one who can rise over vice.”

“A stable mind is one, which is stable in spite of external disturbances like the flame in a lamp, which does not get disturbed by the wind.”

“Mind is very active and its control is as difficult as taming the wind.”

“Meditation is a technique by which mind can be controlled. Meditation brings in stability in thinking and peace of mind.”

“A man’s best thoughts come at the worst of his times.”

“Judge a man from his reactions not from his words.”

“Behind the success of every successful man is the hidden hand of a woman, but behind the failure of a man is the hand of two woman.”

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