Page 2 Education Time and Work

Page 2 Education Time Work

“Time is money. Lost time is never regained.”

Time is a race, keep pace, or else lose face.”

Timeless is the human heritage:protect it from the human greed and ravages of nature.”

“Timeless is the beauty of nature: the sea, the waves, the sunset: Enjoy it.”

“Time wasted means a part of life wasted.”

“Time will not wait; you may wait.”

“Time is a great healer; time will not erase scars left over by abuse.”

“Time always favors the brave.”

“Time once lost can’t be regained.”

“Time is an intangible resource; use it cautiously.”

“Time will tell you every thing; have patience.”

“Time is a judge: it tests friends and foes.”

“Time is given to all humans equally, but only a few use it wisely. That makes all the difference between what we call fortunate or the unfortunate.”

“Every one has the gift of time, but few utilise.”

“One single factor that controls our life all the time is attitude.”

“Time is racing, if you want to keep pace, run with it or else prepare, to be left behind.”

“Time is an invaluable resource; if used rightly, it can alter your life, to higher levels.”

“What is to be done today, shall not be postponed for tomorrow.”

“Time- gap between listening and speaking, makes all the difference,between the wise and the unwise.”

“Time doesn’t make you old:it is the senility of mind that makes you old.”

“Time, when it favors you, no one can harm you.”

Work is life and life without work is a boredom. Be busy.”

“People, who leave the job, deserve to be appreciated for their contribution; so as to keep others, who are continuing, get motivated to work.”

“Tire but never retire.”

“True pleasure in life is available to one who works with a mind detached from desires. He considers the work as his supreme duty.”

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

“Chase your passions, not money, money will chase you.”

“Great people had humble beginnings.”

“A dad always dreams, that his son would one day excel him.”

“Price will soon be forgotten, it is the quality that will always be remembered.”

“If you love your work, life will be smooth sailing.”

“Retire from work; but don’t retire from life. There is still much that awaits you to do.”

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