Quotes on Family Listening Patience Realities Worry

Quotes on Family Listening Patience Realities Worry

The thoughts from M. K. Soni provide words of wisdom that are uplifting and encouraging.May they inspire you.

“Don’t make a baby, if you can’t be a father.”

“Do not hold children in your arms,hold them in your hearts.”
UN Slogan

“I do not love him because he is good, but because he is my child.”

Grandparents are a link between your past and present. Grandchildren are your link between your present and future.”
Author Unknown

“Home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesn’t find it here, one doesn’t find it anywhere.”

“A house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made by the people who live there.”

“Happiness lies at the core of family life.”

“There is nobody greater than mother to the child; she is the God to the child.”

“Listening is an art. It not only increases your awareness, but brings you closer to others.”

“Listen to your inner voice, before taking any major decision. Your true advisor; INTUITION is within you to help.”

“Anger originates in resentment and ends in regret. The remedy lies in patience.”

“At the recent ICC World Cup the Indian Cricket Captain and hero became fromhero to zero in no time; the reverse is also possible; just have patience.”

“Bird eye views are not enough; one should go down to know the reality.”

“Dreams are like sand dunes in a desert: they crash with the winds of reality and get lost.”

“Aim for the stars, but don’t lose sight of the ground realities.”

“Past is a mirror, that reflects ones failures and achievements. Past failures serve as a guide to improve your present. Focus on the present. The future is unpredictable, why worry?”

“Worry is the worst enemy of mankind: It is a silent killer. It has killed more people than all the wars in the history of mankind.”

“Action is the strongest enemy of worry. An idle mind is the abode of worry.”

More Inspirational Writings from MK Soni

What Money Can’t Buy
Enjoy this inspirational thought, What Money Can’t Buy, written by M. K. Soni.The words of wisdom in this thought are inspirational and are ones that we all need to reflect upon at one time or another.

Money can buy a house, but not a home, it is to be made by the people who reside there.

Money can buy you a bed, but it can’t buy sleep.

Money can buy you labor, but not its loyalty.

Money can buy someones time, but not his enthusiasm.

Money can buy an artist but not his skill, nor his vision.

Money can buy a tonic, but not health.

Money can buy medicine, but not a cure.

Money can buy books, but not knowledge.

Money can buy someone’s time, but not his experience.

Things Have Value Which One Realise Only When There
Is Real Dearth of Them, Ask Them How They Value Them

Ask the runner up, the value of one second, who lost the race by a fraction of a second, also lost the gold medal.
Ask the man the value of a minute, who missed the flight by just a minute.
Ask the student the value of an hour, as he missed an important question to answer, in an annual examination.
Ask the student the value of a year, who failed, in one paper and could not be promoted.
Ask the player the importance of the only goal he made, in the final match, as a penalty corner.
Ask the value of the words of the mentor, which changed the entire course of ones life’s direction by his guidance.
Ask one the value of money when one has an empty pocket.
Ask one the value of friendship, to one who is all alone.
Ask the parents the value of a child, when they don’t have one, especially in old age.
Ask the mother, the value of a child,
who conceived, but lost the only child due to miscarriage.
Ask one the value of a shelter to one who is homeless.
Ask the boatman the value of an anchor when the wind is strong and when he is amid choppy waters, and the sky is overcast.
Ask one the value of food to one who is hungry.
Ask one the value of water in mid desert in a summer afternoon.
Ask one the value of knowledge, to one who is ignorant.
Ask one the value of sight, to one who can’t see.
Ask one the value of words to one who is deaf and dumb.
Ask one the value of rest when one is exhausted.
Ask one the value of rains when there is draught.
Ask one the value of pleasure, when he is in pain.
Ask the patient the value of blood of a rare group, he needs for survival, after a major surgery.
Ask one the value of a job when one is jobless.
Ask one the value of oxygen, when one is on life support system.
Ask one the value of presence of mind when one was heading for an accident, but just averted it, by a timely diversion.

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