More MK Soni Quotes by topic

More MK Soni Quotes by topic

Quotes about Change
“Have you ever heard a horse being taken to water and refusing to drink? Think it over: There are many amongst us whoare like this horse, who accept not to change.These persons are the adamant, obstinate persons, unwilling personsrefusing to improve their lot.”

“Change is one thing in life that is constant, if one isn’t prepared to accept change, one will be consigned to the dustbin of history.”

“Any thing that lives longer becomes uninteresting unless there is a constant change in it.”

“Change is a way of life. A wise person will certainly adept oneself to change.”

Confidence Quotes
“Confidence comes out of experience in facing problems and toiling to solve them.”

Confidence is the result of facing difficulties in life and struggling against odds.”

Determination Quotes
“The timber of trees that withstands higher winds is stronger. The same way people who face adversities have a toughen mind that can weatherrepeated downslides in life.”

Courage is the foundation of determination. Determination and courage are the cornerstones of success.”

Enthusiasm Quotes
“Enthusiasm adds spice to our actions.”

“Life is a hurdle race; the winner has to cross all THE hurdles and still maintain enthusiasm.”

Goals Quotes
“If you wish to become something in life , have a clear goal. Then direct all your attention and energies towards achieving the same. People without goals are groping in darkness, unable to find direction.”

Imagination Quotes
“Nothing soars faster and higher than imagination.”

“Imagination differentiates between man and man and between man and other forms of life.”

“Imagination is the first step in our thought process.”

“An intelligent person is one who imagines, things ahead of others.”

Love Quotes
“Love has only one language universally understood, that is the language of the heart.”

“A persons heart is like a stained glass window; its beauty is only revealedwhen there is a light within.”

“True love means infinite tolerance for each others differences.”

“It is love that attracts a man more than the beauty of a woman.”

“Love is an emotion a woman feels for her man, but always for her child.”

“Love is the best gift you can give. It gives more pleasure to the giver than to the receiver.”

Health Quotes
“Physiotherapy is a science uncle; you will be 100 percent okay.”
Dr. Sapna Patel

“Sometimes we are like an angel with one wing,
and we necessarily need the other wing of a similar angelto keep flying.”

Beauty Quotes
“What a paradox, beauty is not goodness; beauty lies in ones thoughts.”

“The most beautiful things in the world are the most useless, like the lilies, butterflies and the rainbows.”

“Beauty is physical or mental, our appreciation for mental or inner beauty goes up with our maturity.”

War and Peace Quotes
“War requires the best of resources for the worst of mankind.”

“War means destruction. Peace means reconstruction.”

“War had really not solved any problems, it only aggravated..”

“The next War for mankind not very far from now will be for water.”

“War represents the ugliest image of man.”

“In a war there are only losers, never any win-win situations.”

“In the war the hero was the person with one leg broken.”

“The greatest loss to a man is the loss of ones mother, and the loss of ones motherland.”

“The common man is least concerned as to who wins the war. He is more interested to see that he and his family are not disturbed in their survival.”

“The greatest problem in a war now days are the question of survival versus total annihilation.”

“Peace and harmony can only remove human suffering, and degradation.”

“When mankind doesn’t find solutions to its problems, it should dig into history, to do the same.”

Action Quotes
“Never give up efforts, even if you fail, the benefit you derive is experience.”

“A lazy man wants to some thing; an active man does something.”

“Imagination precedes thought; thought precedes action.”

“The root of action is desire. Unfulfilled desires spur you to great actions.”

“An idle mind is the abode of worry.”

Age Quotes
“When agility ends, senility starts.”

“It is not the age, but the senility of the mind, which hastens ones ageing.”

Appreciation Quotes
“A word of appreciation works as a great motivator.”

“Always take the time to express words of appreciation to those who matter in your life.”               Read More M. K. Soni Quotes

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