More Quotes on Life by M. K. Soni

More Quotes on Life by M. K. Soni

“One should achieve excellence in order to arrive at perfection.”

“I am like an angel with one wingand we necessarily need the other wing of a similar angel to keep flying.”

“If you chase perfection, you will find excellence.”

“Never reveal your secrets to the winds; they will be revealed to the trees.”

“Sometimes man with mediocre talents perform better than the genius due to persistance.”

“We are rich only if we control our wealth. If our wealth controls us, we are poor.”

“It is motivation that prompts one to find ones best.”

“Find a new path and leave a trail.”

“Motivation is the engine that drives the desire to a goal.”

Character is what we are when we are alone and in the dark.”

“Reputation is what others think of us.”

“Adversities: to some they bring breakdowns, to others breaks in life.”

“To err is human. Just ignore the errors and go ahead.”

“Bigger your dreams, the higher you soar.”

“Look for opportunities, success will knock at your door.”

“Many of us do not have the sense of urgency, which is so essential for us to keepmoving. In order to keep progressing it is a must to develop a sense of urgency.”

“Our greatness lies in our ability to manage our life with minimum of needs.”

“One hand to help ourselves, work and feed us. The other hand for us to help others.”

“The most beautiful things in the world are the most useless, like the lilies, butterflys and the rainbows.”

“Modern advertising is a subtler way to exploit human emotions fora commercial purpose.”

“Take everything that comes in your way as an opportunity, never fail to utilise.”

“If ever you fall in life, prefer to fall on your back so that you can look up to rise again.”

“Unfortunate part of our times is that philosophy and religion are being replaced by politics;there is a religion of politics; as also a politics of religion; really a sad state of affairs.”

“Almost five centuries back, with his vision and skill, Mona Lisa was created by Leonardo Vinci, on canvas making him the immortal man. Man’s imagination can make him immortal.”

“Women , by instinct like peace, as they care for life.”

“The degree of respect for women, by individuals and societies, determines the respectivelevels of civilisation, amongst them.”

“COLUMBIA CRASH – A great loss but people who die in searchof truth never die, they outlive. They live forever.”

“There can be no enlightenment, without realisation, and no realisation, without emotions.”

“A poor person wants something, a greedy person wants everything.”

“The paradox of our times is that law breakers are more intelligent than law makers.”

“To see heavens, you must first die.”

“Disappear from the din of cities, in the nature, and feel life in you.”

“Life is a long drive, be prepared for one or two roadblocks.”

“A man is made of emotions, thoughts and a lot of intangibles, which are all invisible, hence I tell you that the man is invisible.”

“Every day begins with a sunrise. What makes this day different is all in your thoughts.”

“It was only a roadside rough stoneof no value, till the sculptor with his vision and skill turned it into an invaluable piece for the museum.”

“Love, laughter, and smiles not only makelife better, but happier.”

“If you want a better tomorrow make a better today.”

“The evil in man promotes crime, the good in man punishes the criminal.”

“When war starts, development is the first casualty: when mental peace is disturbed; art and culture is the first casualty.”

“Inner peace is an essential pre-requisite for peace with others.”

“Peace out of coercion or fear is no peace at all.”

“A firm belief in yourself is all that is needed to alter your life. No one except you alone can change your life.”

“Big achievements are preceded by big dreams.”

“One doesn’t look at things as they are: he looks at them as he is. When one looks through colored glasses, one never sees things in their true color. To see things in their true colors have a clear and unbiased vision.”

“Your writings should not be for the sake of writing alone;
they should as well recreate your emotions, as also your vision in the reader.”

“Nations as also individuals die a natural death for want of a vision.”

“When an artist or writer is looking at a landscape, his mind is painting or writing the same in his mind.”

“Every belief must be corroborated by evidence, or else one may be living is ones own world of make believe, away from reality.”

“A lofty mansion can’t be built on the sand; it will crumble. Same way strong lives are to be built on strong foundations of character, principles and toil.”

“There is only one Supreme Power; it may appear different to different beings depending on their perceptions. Humanity is one. All our perceptions of color, race, and religion are our own creations.”

“Law and business are not alive to personal feeings and emotions.”

“Politics is not showbiz, if you go into politics, be prepared to work for the people, otherwise, don’t enter politics.”

Beauty is a possession of all eternity.”

“In addition to bread you need inspiration to live.”

“Greatness is never on display, it is recognized.”

“Thoughts and emotions make you live, otherwise you just exist.”

“Do not play with emotions, they make a man or mar him.”

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