The Impact of M.K. Soni

The Impact of M.K. Soni


There are times in our lives when we meet people who impact our lives in a positive way. For me, M.K. Soni is one of these people.

I first met M.K. through an email in which he sent me one of his quotes. I published the quote on our website. After this he sent me regular emails containing more of his quotes. I soon had a wonderful collection of quotes from him. Curious to learn more about M.K., I wrote to him. I found out that this extraordinary man not only helped to inspire me but also many others.

A Man of Determination
The personal determination of M.K. is one we could all learn from. During the period in which he was sending me his quotes, he became very sick. But, his persistence and determination helped him recover. M.K. sent me an email with the following words of wisdom, “Life is a hurdle race, the winner has to cross all the hurdles and still maintain enthusiasm.”

M.K. faced a major hurdle with his own illness – a hurdle to cross. During his illness, though, he never lost is enthusiasm for life.

To quote M.K.:”A man is made of emotions, thoughts, and a lot of intangibles, which are all invisible, hence I tell that the man is invisible.”

The Visible Man
For the majority of time, we meet the visible man. However, as I read my emails from M.K., I was coming to learn about the invisible man. This invisible man lived thousands of miles from my home. My daytime was his nighttime. We lived continents away from each other. But, over time, I discovered the wisdom of this man. If I had met M.K. casually on the street, I would not have really known the true man. Yet, through emails, we learnt of life’s values that we both shared. His words encouraged me to stop and think. His ability to portray an important aspect of life in a quote made me look at things in a different way. His quote about the invisible man struck home with me! If I had met M.K. before I was familiar with his quotes, would I have been able to know the real man? Probably not! Too often, when we meet people, we only allow ourselves the option of a shallow perception and miss what the person is really like.

As well, we often stifle our expression of emotion not saying how we really feel. And, a lot of times, we don’t take the time to tell those that are dear to us how very special they are. The type of job we hold, the material things we own, are partly representative of the visible person. The invisible person is one who is willing to share thoughts, feelings, and wisdom with others. In doing so, the invisible person becomes visible. In reading his quotes, you are about to meet the invisible man of M. K. Soni.

There are times in our lives when we may not exactly know the person we are speaking with by email or for that matter even when we first meet a person in the flesh. In every person’s like there are a number of crosses to bear; we all have them but some are bigger than others. And, for each person we meet no matter how, there is a side to them that we may not at first recognizes or see because we have a bad tendency to pigeonhole people into categories especially when we meet them when they are engaged in a certain activity. These activities, for example, can be quite normal as in meeting a client in the work environment where we focus on extraneous words pertinent to the job and less pertinent to the person. It is only through engaging conversation that takes place outside of a working environment that we may truly be able to appreciate the real person.

M. K. Soni was a person who I never met; I wish I had. But, for an invisible person, he became more than visible in relation to the many people that I meet over and over again.

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