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Book Review
From the God We’ve Made to God With Us
By Brian Hardin
Reviewed by Catherine Pulsifer

Brian Harden’s book, Reframe, is certainly one that I will re-read. Brian has the ability to ask questions that envoke us to think. He also uses common sense in getting his point across.

What We Believe
Our thoughts and beliefs have been influenced by those around us. From the time you were a child your parents influenced your thinking; your coworkers with whom you now work with influence you; our friends influence us; and our culture influences. So we end up with beliefs that have been impacted by others. Brian makes the point about reframing who we have made God look like from the influences around us.

Challenge Our Assumptions
Brian’s book challenges us by asking questions that may make us rethink some of our beliefs. Or, may make us realize that we have made assumptions about God that may not be accurate.

Inspirational Quotes To Consider
Below are quotes from the Reframe book that you may want to consider:

“What if I told you the Bible is more about you than it is about God?”

“We can’t just have a ‘prayer life’ distinct from the rest of our lives. It’s almost an oxymoron. God doesn’t want us to just set aside some of our time out of guilt or obligation so that we can fulfill our duty and talk to Him. How would that work in your other relationships?

“God does have a role to play in our lives, but we also have a role to play in His.”

“When we lose a spiritual sense of who we are, we can only compare ourselves to others.”

“From the book of Genesis through the book of Revelation, the Scriptures are the story of God with us.”

Have You Read The Bible
How many of us have actually read the entire Bible. Many of us take bits and pieces out of the Bible, or we have heard some of the famous stories from the Bible. It is similar to reading bits and pieces of a novel and making assumptions about the whole story. We never get it right.

Our Recommendation
In summary I would highly recommend this book. You may find yourself wanting to read the Bible after reading this book. It will challenge your assumptions! The book is available from


One Last Thought:
In addition to writing, Brian Hardin reads the Bible online everyday. You can listen to it at If you follow it for one year you will have read the entire bible. And then rather than being influenced by others you can make your own decisions about some of your current assumptions about God.

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