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Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2015

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Is Peace Even Possible
Peace is possible but not of your own doing. So, what does this mean?

It means that no matter how good we are at developing financial wealth, or how successful we are at any chosen occupation, or how well we protect ourselves of our loved ones, we can never find true peace in this world.

It means that no matter how many people of influence you know, or where you live, or how many precautions you have taken, your life can be hurled upside down in a second. It only takes one second to suffer a heart attack, or be hit by a drunk driver, or have one of your children severely injured while playing a sporting activity.

The Potential Of Lasting Peace
What you may have thought was peace only a few seconds ago can be changed in a moment. You can go from happy to tears without warning.

True peace comes only through trusting Jesus no matter the circumstances. It is this trust that transcends all worldly events from earthquake, financial ruin, and even death.

Beyond Belief
Trust is something beyond belief. Let me explain.

One can believe in Jesus Christ but trust means that you put your life in His hands.

It is this trust that accepts that Jesus knows best, and His plans are far more detailed and beyond human understanding than we could ever imagine.

It is this trust that brings you PEACE in all circumstances knowing that God is in control. Knowing He loves you like a father loves a child; knowing He only wants what is best for you; knowing His plans are perfect.

Once you recognize this and trust Him then you will find a peace that you never imagine. Your whole life will change. I am not saying you will not have challenges or issues but what I am saying is you will have a peace that you never had before.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“If we can’t trust Christ enough to embrace what he’s given for our good, how much do we really trust him, at all?Jonah Jeremiah

“If you can be’ieve what God teaches in the Bible and learn to actually do things this way, then you enter into a wonderful peace and freedom.” Joan Boney

“I often tell people that when we get a big NO, it’s because God has for us a bigger YES. We must do all we can and then trust that His will be done.” Wendell E, Mettey

“now when things get tough that all things work out for the best of them who know and love Him. Know that God is in charge.” Michael Caputo

“God and faith are not weird. My own relationship with the very real, living God and the realization that his ways are true is what saved my life back when I was really suffering. And ever since then, he has sustained me, grown me, and led me into a life I never thought I could have.”Henry Cloud, Never Go Back: 10 Things You’ll Never Do Again

“God’s love finds its root in His very existence. His love is who He is by nature. His essence is love, and all His attributes gush forth from the heart of His character, which is love.”Don Wilton, A Hope and a Future

“God will never leave us or forsake us. He stands right beside us when we feel most helpless. He gives words when there are none. Knowledge when there isn’t any. He. Can. Do. All. Things.” Caleb Breakey

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