Results By Action Or Inaction

Results By Action Or Inaction

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2015

What is a result?

Simply put, a result is the outcome of an action or an inaction. Let’s look for a moment at everyday issues surrounding elements of life.

Hypothetical Situations
Here is an hypothetical situation. Let’s assume that you are out for a walk along your street and you spot a dog running loose down the middle of the street.

As the dog approaches, you also notice a car speeding directly towards the dog seemingly unaware that the dog is in the middle of the road and in obvious danger of being struck by the car.

What would you do?

Behaviors Lead To Results
If you decided to take no action and continue your walk, your decision could lead to the result that the dog is struck by the car.

If you decided to take action, let’s say by stepping onto the street and frantically waving your arms to alert the driver of the dog in it’s path, the result may save the dog from being hit by the approaching automobile.

Both behaviors result in an outcome; one outcome obvious better than the other.

From Behavior To Peace
Now, let’s talk for a minute about leading a
life full of peace.

I know what you may be thinking. How can one be a peace given all the issues that assault one’s life even if one could exclude the threats so real in this world by forces of evil? Is peace even possible? This question has been asked by many people and at many times over the course of history. Can peace be found?

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