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Start and End Your Day with Optimism

by Catherine Pulsifer, ©

How do we start or end a day with optimism? I believe it all starts and ends with your thoughts. What we think when we go to bed and our thoughts as we start each day will determine whether we have a good day or a bad day. Many times reading a verse, or a quote can change our perspective.

Recently I was at an auction and was able to get a copy of a magazine that was published in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Reading through the magazines I came across what they called “Magic Pillow Verses”. Inspirational messages for each day of the week. The messages apply as much today as when they were written.

Here is a sampling of their verses, one for each day of the week:

Today I pray that I may find ways to be of help to others.

I need God, and God needs me; His loving child I want to be.

There’s magic in a word of prayer; it brings God to me anywhere.

I’m always safe, for well I know God’s with me everywhere I go.

I am God’s child; ’tis plain to see His will holds only good for me.

When God has work for me to do He gives me strength and wisdom too.

My every task, however small, shall be done well or not at all.

I’m never afraid, for God’s so near if I just whisper, He will hear.

I am protected by God’s love; tis in, around me, and above.

If I want friends, first I must see what a good friend I myself can be.

I need not use big words in prayer God reads my heart and knows what’s there.

I know ’tis not my Father’s will for me to suffer or be ill.

Today I will practice patience in all that I think and say and do.

I’m happy, as God’s child should be. When I am sure He’s pleased with me.

My faith in God is like a key; it unlocks doors to good for me.

“God’s will be done in me,” I pray; that means I’ll have a happy day.

When good thoughts fill my heart and mind, they shut out every harmful kind.

I pray for and expect the best; then I ask God to do the rest.

I trust God’s love to fill and bless my life with peace and happiness.

With God to guide me all the way, each day becomes a happy day.

With joy I go to me the day, expecting good to come my way.

Forgiving means forgetting too, and that’s what God helps me to do.

I plant a thought and reap a deed; thinking of God meets every need.

Soft words put angry thoughts to flight, and happy words make dull days brights.

I am not afraid at any time, for I know God is always watching over me.

I know my Father’s will for me is better than my own could be.

Each day brings work that must be done; but a busy day is a happy one.

My good with others I divide; it comes back to me multiplied.

Through use my faith grows day by day and sweeps my doubts and fears away.

All that I freely give away returns to bless me day by day.

Gentle and kind my words shall be; what I give out comes back to me.

God’s love so fills my thoughts, I find that hate is crowded from my mind.

When a quick decision I must make, through prayer I learn which course to take.

I’m happy now as never before, for I have learned to trust God more.

I see new beauty everywhere; thank God for a world so fair!

God blesses me in all my ways, and my heart sings with joy and praise.

A friendly word, a pleasant smile. Help someone feel his day’s worthwhile.

God loves His children tenderly, and I know He’ll take care of me.

My heart is filled with loving praise to God for these bright autumn days.

There’s magic in a cheery smile; it tells someone that life’s worth while.

A child of God is free from fer; he knows his Father is always near.

The world’s so beautiful these days, my heart overflows with joyous praise.

Whether you read these in the morning or the evening we hope you find them inspirational and ones that will start your day on a positive note filled with good thoughts.

And a final thought: how can you not be optimistic about each day if you trust God!

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