Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving Prayer

Be inspired by our thanksgiving prayer to give thanks for all that you have during this special time of the year. While we should be thankful and offer prayer each day of the year, Thanksgiving is a time when we are focused on prayer for all of our blessings.

Prayer is a way to talk to God, it is a way to express your feelings for all that is going on in your life. And Thanksgiving is a time to stop and count your many blessings!

Thanksgiving Prayer
Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2012

As we sit together around this table,
We want to say thank you for allowing us
To be together in a world where so many families
Do not have this opportunity to do so.

Give us pause as we celebrate, to count our blessings
For without your blessing, this day would not be counted.
For we have so many thanks to say to you
As we prepare to enjoy the food you have
So bountifully allowed us to share,
And to extend our blessings with one another yet another day.

Lord, it is not that we do not appreciate
Your blessings as each day unfolds
It is only that we do not thank you
As often as each day brings with it your blessings.

Please forgive us for not counting you
As our true friend, our true light
As often as we should, Oh Lord,
For without you, we are lost.

We thank you for showing us our failures
So that we may see more opportunities,
To experience the joy of overcoming obstacles in life
As you daily guide us through each challenge.

And, Oh Lord, thank you for saving us
For without you, we would suffer forever.
It is only through your graces, Oh Lord,
That we sit here today united within our home.

The more we understand God's sovereignty, the more our prayers will be filled with thanksgiving. R. C. Sproul

Father In Heaven
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

For flowers that bloom about our feet;
for tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;
for song of bird, and hum of bee;
for all things fair we hear or see,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee!

Thank You Lord
Author: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2012

For being there for us anytime, anyplace,
For giving us shoes to walk upon,
For the pretty song birds and the active bees,
For hearing fairness, and witnessing integrity,
Lord, we thank you.

The rain that falls, for growth of our crops,
For bountiful fruit trees that help nourish our bodies,
For the shelter you have allowed us to live in,
For the blessings of families within our home,
Lord, we thank you.

For the dawn to give us another day to serve you,
For our work so that we may feed our family,
For the cooling winds of summer and shade of trees,
For a day to relax and worship,
Lord, we thank you.

For our food upon the table,
For protection from the cold of night,
For giving us your Son to lead us to your light, .
For all that you so unselfishly provide,
Lord, in Jesus name we thank you.

If you need help, ask God. If you don't, thank Him.

Words About Thanksgiving and Prayer :

Begin by thanking Him for some little thing, and then go on, day by day, adding to your subjects of praise; thus you will find their numbers grow wonderfully; and, in the same proportion, will your subjects of murmuring and complaining diminish, until you see in everything some cause for thanksgiving.
Priscilla Maurice

Thank God you are still here and that his plan for your life is being fulfilled. Remember life is what you make it, stay positive and focus and walk by faith and not by sight.
Shareta Berry, 31 Days Of Inspiration

Oh, Lord! How can we thank You? For we have seen the light; we realize without You we are lost.
Greta Zwaan, Stooping To Save

But sometimes we let our ordinary daily lives overwhelm us and we forget to include thanksgiving in our prayers.
Rachel Larkin, 21 Prayers of Thanksgiving

We should make our requests to God with thanksgiving, as Paul wrote: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God (Phil. 4:6).
David Servant, The Disciple-Making Minister

Because Christ has come for sinners, we can offer all our concerns, fears, worries and faint hopes to God in prayer with thanksgiving, so we need not be anxious about anything.
Collin Hansen

Then there is the appreciating side of prayer when we offer praise and thanksgiving to God for who He is and what He has done.
Mary Southerland, The Handprints of God

Make a prayer acknowledging yourself as a vehicle of light, giving thanks for the good that has come that day and an affirmation of intent to live in harmony with all your relations.
Dhyani Ywahoo

This week, try turning a worried thought into one of gratitude by whispering prayers of thanksgiving each time an anxious thought comes into your mind.
Sarah Young, The Jesus Always

Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.
Maya Angelou

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We hope the prayers on this page give you words and thoughts about Thanksgiving and prayer. Feel free to share these words with others.

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