What Does Commitment Mean To You

What Does Commitment Mean To You


There are several ways to view commitment. Commitment can mean that you are devoted to a relationship; that you are a person who once agrees to perform a task or job will see it through to the end despite obstacles of problems.

No Influence No Change
There is commitment to a way of life, to a certain set of values, to a well-defined set of personal and professional ethics that cannot be influenced or changed.

There are a huge number of pressures to alter one’s personal and professional ethics in today’s work environment.

Where Pressure Comes From
Part of this pressure comes from companies who have stated company policies that speak about their employees and how much they value them only to find that these policies are no more than window dressing.

Should Not Have Happened
Several years ago, I was actively involved in an employee-counseling environment in a large organization. This service was free to all employees throughout the organization including senior staff.

The service was confidential – it was protected through a structure that had no relationship whatsoever with human resources so that there would be absolutely no record of issues, or even a record that an employee visited or used the service.

In my own experience, several senior people visited me over the years, and there appeared a trend that was quite disturbing. The trend was clear . . . . .

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