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Working hard, being patient and being full of determination is perhaps the most fulfilling way of becoming rich. Robert Gardner, Get Rich Slowly
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While seemingly existing in degrees, we tend to believe that we have positive or negative self-esteem and that we make that determination simply by how we feel about ourselves. Lucas Cunningham, Self-Esteem: Improve & Change Your Life Journey Now
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Your mindset determines how you perceive and connect to the world around you. Joseph Taylor, The Prepper Mindset
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Remember it's your thoughts that determine your income, not your loved ones. Denise Duffield Thomas, Get Rich
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The mental state that you attain at a certain occasion, determines the quality of thoughts and actions you are going to make. Hugo Reynolds, Confidence
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With a strong mind, you can realize most anything. Only you can determine what you desire most or what your deepest passion is in life. Dale L. Roberts, Your Strength, Your Passion & Your Courage
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As you probably know, there are some people who are determined to assert their power and any resistance to that power has to be put down with an even greater display of power. Rosalind Wiseman, The Guide
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Ambition is more than mere desire. It is desire plus incentive - determination - will to achieve the desire. Herbert Armstrong, The Seven Laws of Success
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Discipline automates habits which, in turn, determine your outcomes. David Khalil, Principle 10
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Confidence, in most cases, determines a person's success. Paul Bailey, Your Little Steps to Self Confidence for Life
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Certainly, there are correlations between the soul mind and our bodies, but physical and mental health are the prime determinants in human auras. Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls
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