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Who Shall We Help Today
Poet: John McLeod, © 1982

Who shall we help today, my friends,
Who shall we help today?
A poor-man passing in the road
A word to ease his way?
A kindly thought, a friendly deed
A smile so freely given?
These are the treasures all may give
These are the keys to heaven!

Who shall we help today, my friends,
Who shall we help today?
A sad soul in distress perhaps?
Kneel with that soul and pray;
Show him the love our Father showed
In the way His son was given:
These are the gifts all have to give,
These are the keys to heaven!

Who shall we help today, my friends,
Who shall we help today?
The lame, the sick, all those in need?
So much that one can say
And do to help another's pain
In love's compassion given,
Yours is the gift of giving, friend,
Yours are the keys to heaven!

Nearer In Service
Poet: John McLeod

Write these few words
And then put down the pen,
Briefly, I hope, before I write again,
Surely to find in days that are to be
Nearer in service my dear Lord to Thee!

Look to the light
And in your searching friend,
Know that His love will guide to journey's end,
Open your eyes there is so much to see
Nearer in service, my dear Lord to Thee!

Into each heart
Let joy of living spring,
And with a gentle word some kindness bring,
Yours is the gift of giving, choice quite free,
Nearer in service, my dear Lord to Thee!

"This day and your life - are God's gift to you, so give thanks and be joyful always!"
Author Unknown

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Tools To Help

No matter the person,
Or the obsession,
A bag of tools,
Is given with lesson.

Ever person,
Who walks with life,
Needs some tools,
To help get through strife.

Tools to help get through,
Conflicts and addictions.
Tools come in handy,
And help with restrictions.

With conflict the best tool,
Is to find a resolution.
With problems the best tool,
Is to find the solution.

With your unhappiness the best tool,
Is to change your situation.
With someone else's unhappiness,
Help them see their

With feelings of exhaustion,
Is to stop and take care.
When you lose faith,
Take time to say a prayer.

With every issue,
You have a helping hand.
That will lead you the right way,
Just let God be part of the plan .

"What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God."
Louis Nizer

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So Many!
Poet: Frank L. Stanton

So many stars in the infinite space -
So many worlds in the light of God's face.
So many storms ere the thunders shall cease -
So many paths to the portals of

So many years, so many tears -
Sighs and sorrows and pangs and
So many ships in the desolate night -
So many harbors, and only one Light.

So many creeds like the weeds in the sod -
So many temples, and only one God.

Living By Giving
Poet: Unknown

Living by giving - what strange words these,
To those who strive, but themselves to please,
Who think by getting and keeping they'll find
Happiness, pleasure, peace of mind!

He chose his great possessions to cherish
And tightly held to the things that perish,
The rich, young ruler, life scarce begun,
Was quickly mired in oblivion.

She could have hid the ointment sweet,
And held back the tears that drenched His feet.
But with lavish abandonment aflame,
She drained the last drop - undying, her fame.

The pitying Christ knew the awful span
From the worship of angels to the hiss of man,
But chose all heavenly ties to sever,
And died - but lo, He lives forever!

This road of living by giving you'll find
Is strewn with many who’ve looked behind;
But each will find, as he nears the grave,
That all he possesses is what he gave!

Never Let Me Give Sparingly
Poet: Ruth Margaret Gibbs

Never, dear Lord, let me give sparingly
Of what I have; if it be joy, I pray,
Help me to share it gladly - tenderly -
As Thou would'st have me, always; if some day
I chance upon a spark of loveliness
May I not selfishly quench all its fire
By hoarding it, but may it live to bless
Someone nearby; this would be my desire: -

To give of love all that I have, and more
If that could be; to borrow joy and lend
It out again; to keep an open door,
Without a lock upon my heart, that friend
Or foe alike might find some needed guide within;
Tonight I think of Calvary;
Thou did'st give all - Thy life, Thy love, and died -
Never, dear Lord, let me give sparingly.

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