20 Umbrella Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

20 Umbrella Quotes

Here is our collection of humorous and inspirational Umbrella quotes , that won’t stop the rain from pouring but can inspire you to get out and embrace it (without getting too wet)!

In life sometimes the heavens will open and the rain inevitably comes, we can then either choose to stay inside and live in fear or we can open up that umbrella in our hands and step outside the door with a little protection above us.If we learn to use the umbrella as a shield against the unpredictable weather that may come our way, then we can learn to live alongside those rainy days that we didn’t ask for.

  1. The roof of your positive life is like an umbrella—protecting you from the rain but not obscuring where you are going.
    Maureen Hagan, Goodlife Fitness
    Positive Life Quotes
  2. You were my umbrella in the rain, you were my medicine for the pain.
    Sandra L. Thibault, Getting Through
  3. When we gave our hearts to Christ, He acts like an umbrella to shelter us.
    Christina Corbitt
    Christian Motivational Quotes
  4. I love my umbrella; and I rise, and lay it on the table before me; and I think of the hours we two have passed together.
    Y. S, Sketches and scraps
    Love Quotes
  5. I love my umbrella, Like no other. It was a Christmas present from my Mother. The wind tries to make it fly. Will I be like Mary Poppins flying in the sky.
    Darren Carter, Doorway to Wonder
    Imagination Quotes
  6. In some countries the umbrella is the symbol of dignity and power.
    Charles Heber Clark, Out of the hurly-burly
    Power Quotes
  7. If the umbrella is the symbol of London, then that of Liverpool is the wheelbarrow.
    Tristan Jones, Ice!
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  8. So the reason for putting up an umbrella in the rain is not the bare fact of the rain falling but, say, that it is good to be comfortable and healthy and getting cold and wet is uncomfortable and risks illness.
    Oxford Studies in Private Law Theory
    Comforting Quotes
  9. And then I will see something, someone’s smile, a couple holding hands, a man walking alone with an umbrella in the rain, and it all comes back again.
    Alan Gaynor, Language Bound
  10. This one thing I know Jesus is mine A doctor in sickness A hospital in affliction A rainbow in the clouds An umbrella in the rain A rock in a weary land A mother to the motherless A father to the fatherless A friend when you are down and out.
    Charles Jenkins, Keeping Sane in a Crazy World
  11. Let me be your umbrella in times of rain.
    Andy Collins Muravha, Above the Deep
  12. If you’re feeling a little bit low, If you’re feeling under the weather, If your skies are full of rain clouds, Let me be your umbrella.
    Rock Rampant’, ROUGE BLUSH
  13. The human mind is like an umbrella – it functions best when open
    Walter Gropius
  14. All is in flux, lifeways are in transition, or, as the Indians say, the world has been turned inside out like an umbrella in the wind.
    Northeast Indian Quarterly
    Life and Struggles Quotes
  15. Well, my umbrella is my trunk, my waterproof, my change of linen-my all, my everything!
    Ernest d’ Hervilly, Too Windy for an Umbrella
    One Line Quotes About Life
  16. We see that the good that we do for others comes back to us proportionately: Take lunch to someone who is confined; help an elderly person across a busy street; share your umbrella with someone on a rainy day
    Osiefield Anderson, Nuggets of Inspiration
  17. I know that if it was raining really hard, you would share your umbrella with me. And you know that if you were feeling sick, I would visit and bring you flowers. I know that no matter where I go, I will take our memories with me.
    Best Friend
  18. Umbrella is comfort, rain is life! You must often leave comfort to touch the life!
    Mehmet Murat Ildan
    Life is Beautiful
  19. God is like an umbrella of illusion and belief. On rainy days, we use him, but on sunny days, we forget him.
    C.S.Natarajan, National Words
  20. Innocence is like an umbrella: when once we’ve lost it we must never hope to see it back again
    Elyse Sommer, Similes Dictionary
    Moving Forward

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