24 Finding Yourself Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

We hope you enjoy our collection of finding yourself quotes. In life we may pursue many ventures; whether it be traveling to new and exciting places, pursuing new experiences, or meeting different people from all walks of life. This is all imperative for the opening of our minds and soul, but what is most important is that we find ourselves first. Finding yourself can be an adventure. When you take a long hard look at yourself and learn about how you function emotionally, you will start to understand more about life and the people around you. Start the journey on the path to finding yourself, Open your mind and let your awareness flow and in turn peace and clarity will come forth into your life.

First find yourself, then look for the world.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda, Just Love

Life Lessons Quotes

Sometimes we must lose ourselves in order to find our way.

Lyndsay Moseley, Holy Ground

Inspirational Quotes

Drop your worries. Let cares float away. Breathe in the solitude. Open to wonder. Surrender to the present. Lose yourself. Find yourself.

Elaine Steiner, Footprints on the Path

Solitude Quotes

Adjustment is exactly what a man gains when he comes to himself.

Woodrow Wilson, when a Man Comes to Himself

Change Quotes

Journey at your own risk not as someone else’s experience.

Uganda TheGoddess

Experience Quotes

We’re encouraged to look within, rather than seeking salvation outside ourselves.

Fiona Robertson, The Art of Finding Yourself

Wisdom Quotes

In order to find yourself, you must know yourself fully.

Robin Sacredfire, How to Find Yourself

Quotes to Live By

Finding yourself will give you strength to cope, no matter what lies ahead.

Louise Weston, Connecting With Your Asperger Partner

Being Strong

If your head, your heart and your body are in tune, finding yourself will be the easiest thing in the world.

Diego Leverone, Infinite Wisodm II


Finding yourself can be a period that is both difficult and lengthy. It often involves trying on for size a number of roles and aspirations.

Donald Meichenbaum, Exploring Choices

Hard Work Quotes

Finding yourself is the most liberating, exhausting, fulfilling, inspirational and scary journey of your life. Identity is a room or a bondage we often can never escape.

Karim Nasri, Mirak Irsan


When we find ourselves, we are love. We need not make it a practice; we need not practice virtues.

Chobo, Melody and Silence

Love Quotes

You set your own goals, and in learning how to ‘find yourself,’ you will achieve them.

John Jorgensen, ‎John Mitchell, Find Yourself


The goal of a self-actualized person is now to find himself and to live his life “authentically,” according to an inner truth.

Michael Puett, ‎Christine Gross-Loh, The Path


Didn’t someone once say that to find true love, you’ve got to find yourself first?


True Love

Hear me when I say it’s never a waste of time to find yourself; it is never too late to find the genuine person in you.

Silungile Msiza, Get to Know the Person That You Are


Finding yourself is not easy, but the journey is both enlightening and rewarding.

Robert A. Bofman, Coffee House Poet


And always keep in mind that finding your authenticity—finding yourself—will help you feel your beauty.

Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself


Don’t worry about finding your purpose; instead focus upon serving your purpose and then your purpose will find you.

Robyn Ramsay, Finding Duong, Finding Myself


Don’t worry about the thoughts; instead, kindly turn toward your heart. even when you can’t find yourself, at least you’re not fighting with your thoughts.

Gurpreet Sandhu, Wake Up!


I believe that if we look at our life in seasons, we can find meaning in wherever we may be.

Roxanne, MA Meeuwsen, Seasons


You have to find yourself and can only do so when you feel lost and when it seems that there is no hope. You can only find a great truth through great sorrow.

Belinda Joubert, Virtuous Living


It may be truly said that we find ourselves in others before we find ourselves in ourselves , and that the full consciousness of self comes only through the consciousness of beings without us who are also selves.

Jonathan Rose, The Edwardian Temperament


We are all searching for ourselves, trying to understand who we are, hoping that we might discover our unique place in this world.

Erwin Raphael McManus, Soul Cravings


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