25 Power of Prayer Quotes

25 Power of Prayer Quotes

Be encouraged by these power of prayer quotes. May they inspire and remind you of the importance of praying.

  1. Prayer is powerful. It can heal, prayer can give, and it can change lives. Shane DeCreshio, The 50 Prayers Of Pope Francis
    Life Changing
  2. The Lord is faithful to those who are faithful and earnestly seek Him. Ben Lance, Prayer: 81 Powerful Prayers
    Quotes about God
  3. Prayer is the means of sustaining a faith that at times can grow weak,
    The power of prayer is enriching, uplifting to hear our God speak.
    Greta Zwaan, Prayer’s Ability
    Prayer Poems
  4. “I have found that perhaps the most powerful way to pray is to pray God’s Word. God has promised us that His Word will not return void, it is powerful and right.” Becky Van Volkinburg, God’s Word, Your Voice
    Encouraging Bible Verses
  5. Having a belief in God, a higher power and the faith that if we believe in our actions and the actions of other all of our prayers can be answered. Alexander Neal, Prayer
  6. Prayer is powerful, and paves the way for the both of you to come together in God's perfect timing. Tiffany Langford

  7. Prayer is powerful, and paves the way for the both of you to come together in God’s perfect timing. Tiffany Langford, 31 Days of Prayer for your Future Husband
    Words of Encouragement
  8. If you have faith, don’t overlook the power of just praying for strength every day. Jennifer Roskamp, A Realistic Action Plan
    Quote of The Day
  9. When life itself has become a prayer, we are connected to that source of love and life. Brian Hardin, Reframe
    Love and Life
  10. To keep God at the center of one’s life requires frequent renewal of power through prayer. Georgia Harkness
  11. Prayer is taking in earnest the central affirmation of religion that there is a responsive Spirit at the heart of reality in communion with whom is our power and peace. True prayer is never an endeavor to change the divine purpose but is always an endeavor to release it through the one who prays into the world. Harry Emerson Fosdick
  12. To pray constantly only for ourselves is a mark of failure in prayer. It is in intercession for others that our faith and love and perseverance will be stirred up and that the power of the Spirit will be found to equip us for bringing salvation to people. Andrew Murray, The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer
    Helping Others
  13. My husband and I can personally testify to the power of prayer, which is why we encourage others to have a heart dedicated to prayer. Jennifer Smith; Aaron Smith, 31 Prayers For My Future Husband
  14. Prayers are the very highest energy of which the mind is capable. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  15. “Prayers are the very highest energy of which the mind is capable.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    Inspirational Quotes
  16. A powerful prayer is one that does not let go. It does not quit. It is profitable and powerful because it is persistent. Michael Catt, The Power of Persistence
  17. Prayer changes us in ways that we never thought would be possible. When we are unhappy, prayer can lift our hearts and fill it with unspeakable joy. Julia Bristol, Prayer: The Bible for Beginners
  18. You’re young and you’re bulletproof and invincible. But never underestimate the power of other people’s love and prayer. Tony Snow
  19. When we pray we are demonstrating our belief in a power that is greater than our own. Olive Steele

  20. When we pray we are demonstrating our belief in a power that is greater than our own. Olive Steele, And When We Pray
    Inspirational Sayings
  21. When you spend quality time with God in prayers, He endures you with His power, with boldness and with utterance to speak His Word. And when you do that, He stretches out His Hand confirming His Word with signs and wonders. Archbishop Gloria Grace, The Heartbeat of God
  22. “When we pray we are looking for an answer, a solution to a problem or some form of guidance from a power that is stronger and more knowledgeable then ourselves.” Alexander Neal, Prayer: Keep Your Faith In Very Hard Times
  23. “Prayer, the basic exercise of the spirit, must be actively practiced in our private lives. The neglected soul of man must be made strong enough to assert itself once more. For if the power of prayer is again released and used in the lives of common men and women; if the spirit declares its aims clearly and boldly, there is yet hope that our prayers for a better world will be answered.”Alexis Carrel
    Being Strong
  24. “He will put people on our hearts, sometimes burdening us to pray for, speak to, or serve them in some way. When that happens, we should act – not trusting in ourselves – but relying wholly on His power and ability.” Frank Viola, God’s Favorite Place on Earth
    Trust God
  25. “But God is the One who brings courage and healing, His wonderful power displayed. The might of His hand my weakness revealing, What more could I do except pray?” Michael Garland, The Lifted Veil
  26. The powerful promise of God's presence when we pray with others is too great a gift to ignore. Stormie Omartian

  27. “The powerful promise of God’s presence when we pray with others is too great a gift to ignore.” Stormie Omartian, The Power of a Praying Grandparent
    God’s Love
  28. My father was an Episcopalian minister, and I’ve always been comforted by the power of prayer. Anna Lee
    Christian Poems
  29. “Prayer introduces us to the Great Companion who meets our human mind with His divine response. The man who has learned to pray is no longer alone in the universe. He is living in his Father’s house.” Williams Adams Brown
    Poems about God

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