25 Self Awareness Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

25 Self Awareness Quotes

Here is our collection of Self-Awareness Quotes to inspire you to look deeper into yourself and become more aware of the person that you are.

As humans we naturally spend a lot of time thinking about what is going on in the world around us, we are aware of the people and their behavior but are we fully aware of ourselves?It’s easy to get carried away with our thoughts and emotions, but if we spend more time in the day being more self-aware then maybe we would be able to react to circumstances on more of a conscious level.

To be self-aware means to acknowledge the way we act and understand triggers in our lives that can make us feel a particular way. If we stay aware in every moment we are more adapt to learning not only about ourselves but also people around us. In my opinion, this is the first and most crucial path to success!

    Self Awareness Quotes

  1. All the worlds a mirror If you’re ready to peer honestly at your reflection.
    Ken Sykes, Two Worlds Unity Handbook of Self Awareness
    Reflection Quotes
  2. Self-awareness is the ability to recognize who you are, how you influence the world, and how the world influences you.
    Shainna Ali, The Self-Love Workbook for Teens
    Influence Quotes
  3. Self-awareness begins with being able to simply accept what you’re experiencing. Allow for it to happen, and then get to know it.
    Brent Bradley, ‎James Furrow, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy For Dummies
    Acceptance Quotes
  4. To become aware of oneself involves becoming aware of all the others who have been and who are a part of us, for we are created in and through relationships.
    Juneau Mahan Gary, ‎Phylis J. Philipson, Awareness in Action
    Relationship Quotes
  5. The role of ongoing self-development and self-awareness can give you the tools and practical guide to keep focused and use Positive Consciousness to create and manifest what you want in your life.
    Publish, Self-Awareness
    Focus Quotes
  6. As your self-awareness grows, you become capable of greater honesty.
    Tom Goodell, The Four Fields of Leadership
    Honesty Quotes
  7. When a person is able to shine the light of their awareness into every moment of their life, no matter what is happening, true mastery of the self is reached.
    Elizabeth Diamond, 7 Mindsets to Master Self-Awareness
    Light Quotes
  8. Self-awareness is the only way we can access the emotional brain on a conscious level.
    Marilee Sprenger, Social-Emotional Learning and the Brain
  9. Self-awareness begins with you here and now in this moment, in every moment of your life.
    Kriyananda Swami, ‎Stephen Sturgess, The Yoga Book: A Practical Guide to Self -realization
  10. Self-awareness is an important part of the puzzle of change.
    Kenneth W. Wanberg, ‎Harvey B. Milkman, Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment
  11. One, who knows the self, does not need anything from the outside world.
    P. S. K. Prasad, Bhagavad Gita Explained to the Modern Man
    Finding yourself
  12. The Self shines eternally, and like the sun behind a passing cloud, it never ceases to shine. Enlightenment is purely a matter of removing the cloud of unknowing.
    Devadatta Kali, The Veiling Brilliance: A Journey to the Goddess
  13. The truly enlightened soul has an even deeper awareness.
    Mike George, 7 Ahas Of Highly Enlightened Souls
    Deep Quotes
  14. Gaining self-awareness is nothing more than, utilizing the natural abilities you already possess.
    Rolley Hurley, Guide to Self-awareness: (Understanding the law of Attraction)
    Ability Quotes
  15. One who knows the self, is the awakened person.
    Self Awareness Through Meditation – Jain Quantum
    Believe in Yourself
  16. When you stop resisting your hurt you discover that feeling hurt gives you the chance to experience your vulnerability and this can be the doorway to self-awareness .
    Uma Silbey, Enlightenment on the Run
    Hurt Quotes
  17. Gaining self-awareness moves you into a more conscious state of who you are, your emotions, your fears, your thought patterns, destructive behaviors and insecurities.
    Melinda Fouts, Cognitive Enlightenment: A Disciplining of Your Mind
  18. Zen is the penetration into the origins of the self’s self-awareness, whereas philosophy, as an ordering and unifying apprehension of the world, is the self-awareness of the world in which the self is located.
    Bret W. Davis, The Oxford Handbook of Japanese Philosophy
    Zen Quotes
  19. A high level of self-awareness leads to good self-control and self-monitoring.
    Neal Martin, Self Defense Fundamentals
  20. Self-awareness is the foundation of authenticity, and thus it is at the center of your compass.
    Bill George, Discover Your True North
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  21. You might as well accept responsibility for your own past, your own life, and your own future so that you can begin to be self-aware, and that’s when the other levels of personal growth will open to you.
    Lynch Hunt, Prison to Prosperity
  22. Self-awareness allows us to see things from the perspective of others, practice self-control, work creatively and productively, and experience pride in ourselves and our work as well as general self-esteem.
    Gautam, Rise To Eminence
  23. Happiness is awareness, but awareness is not happiness.
    James Swartz, How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Non-duality
  24. Self-awareness makes us conscious of those things we have in common and our differences.
    Robert D. Prescott-Ezickson, God Has a Plan for You!: 52 Bible Study Sessions
  25. It is only through the flame of awareness, through full consciousness, not through self-analysis, that one can discern the prejudices, the escapes, the self – defensive values which are continually twisting experience.
    J. Krishnamurti, The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti (Vol-II)
  26. Find your authenticity Self-awareness anchors your character, reveals your faith, and limits your propensity to be defined by your circumstances.
    Dr. Victor Couzens, Lessons Learned The Hard Way

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