23 Ability Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Let these words of wisdom about ability serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for you. In our journey through life, we possess the power to choose our actions. Some of these actions may stem from instinctive responses, while others may result from conscious and calculated decisions.

It’s crucial to understand that our life’s course is not dictated by our abilities but rather by our determination to excel. We should embrace the truth that we are all blessed with life and the absolute uniqueness of our individual souls. Though we are distinct, we are not isolated.

Merely being ‘good’ isn’t sufficient if we have the potential to be ‘great’.

Many of us have encountered individuals gifted with extraordinary natural talents or abilities. Someone may possess inherent advantages such as attractive looks, a privileged upbringing, or remarkable intellect, all of which can provide a path to success. However, it requires character to maintain that success and truly realize one’s potential. We all possess abilities. Our capability defines what we can do, and our motivation fuels the actions we undertake. The capacity to perceive multiple perspectives of a situation equips us with strength and balance.

Let’s celebrate our abilities, aware that we can consistently enhance them over time. May this be our empowering chant: I am capable. I possess the ability. I will allow this ability to radiate brightly.

It’s not enough to be very good if you have the ability to be great.

    – Pam Farrel, The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make

    I love this quote because it makes me think of the very well (over!?) used simile: “From small acorns grow mighty oaks.” We all have the potential for greatness. We all have natural talents and abilities. We should know that no matter what, we should live up to our potential, not the expectations of others.

    You have the ability to choose your actions. You have been gifted with life and soul.

    – Ramon Luis, Catch The Wave

    Ability is what we are capable of doing. Motivation determines what we do, what actions we take.

    – Willlem Fourie, Let’s Talk About Varsity

    Our ability to see more than one angle or standpoint of something makes us a person of strength and balance.

    – Vayne Thomas, Someone Is Looking for Your Voice and Creativity

    Ability will get you what you most desire. Friends and associations will come with success.

    – Harvard Illustrated Magazine

    Ability will get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

    – Norm Stewart, ‎George Scholz, Basketball

    Character is where the rubber hits the road. Character gives you staying power and resilience. Character is who you are when no one else is looking. If you integrate yourself with your true character, you can (and will!) get to the top.

    You have the ability to get out of the mess you are in. You have the ability to transform your home, your job, your family and your way of life.

    – Harry R. Jr. Jackson, You Were Born for More

    You feel growing within you a realization of the fact that you have the ability to handle any situation that you may meet.

    – Gustave Sorensen, The Hypnosis Guide

    You have the ability to attain a sense of self-perfection by taking the initiative in actively serving others.

    – Jan Spiller, ‎Karen McCoy, Spiritual Astrology

    If you have the ability either to deliver positive consequences or to remove negative ones, you will be more likely to get another person to comply with your requests.

    – Teri Kwal Gamble, ‎Michael W. Gamble, Interpersonal Communication

    We measure our freedom by our ability to overcome limiting conditions.

    – Shannon Winnubst, Queering Freedom

    Our freedom comes from overcoming limits. It’s not just about being free, but about tackling challenges and showing strength and determination in tough situations.

    Technical skill is the ability to perform specialised tasks; human skill is the ability to work well and through other people; and conceptual skills is the ability to analyse and solve complex problems.

    – David Gamage, Professional Development

    Empathy is the ability to recognize, understand, and appreciate what others may be feeling and thinking. It is the ability to view the world through another person’s eyes.

    – Steven J. Stein, ‎Howard E. Book, The EQ Edge

    The ability to empathise is the ability to see beyond assumptions that you have grown up with.

    – Moonie

    Illumination is our ability to see ourselves and the world as God intends.

    – Steve Harper, Fresh Wind Blowing

    Our ability to overcome failure and difficult situations is found in the unrivaled and unlimited power of the living God.

    – Gavin Anthony, The Refiner’s Fire

    No other known thing can engage in reason the way human beings do. This ability is what makes us special. It is our hallmark quality.

    – Unknown Author

    Effort, not innate ability, is what often distinguishes successful people.

    – Donna Wilson, ‎Marcus Conyers, Five Big Ideas for Effective Teaching

    Your ability to prosper depends upon your ability to develop by keeping abreast with the times. The man with a spade cannot keep a pace with the man with the gang plow.

    – Monumental News; (old quote from 1919)

    Prosperity depends on evolving with changing times. Just as a man with a simple spade can’t compete with one using a gang plow, staying updated is crucial for growth.

    Value your ability to perceive well and to communicate well with others. This ability does not develop without your time, your interest, and your effort.

    – Maureen O’Brien Flaherty, Communications and Relationships in Nursing

    My ability to stay in the present has been a useful tool in every area of my life, allowing me to find joy in almost every day.

    – Julie Clark Robinson, Live in the Moment

    Ability is what distinguishes the expert from the proficient performer.

    – Mary Koloroutis, Relationship-Based Care

    Language, more than any other single ability, is what distinguishes us from all other species. Children in all cultures acquire their mother tongue without the need of formal instruction.

    – Anthony D. Pellegrini, ‎David F. Bjorklund, Applied Child Study

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