29 Prosperity Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

29 Prosperity Quotes

We can all live prosperous lives if we wish to. Living with prosperity doesn’t particularly mean that you have to win the lottery or are famous or highly successful, but really it means you are happy and well… fulfilled.

We all have our own versions of what it is like to live our lives with prosperity, and the best way to achieve it is by living every day honestly and positively, giving love with abundance and serving others with joy and an open heart.

We hope that you find the magic which is prosperity and that every day that you live is a life you have made worth living!

    Prosperity comes to those who hustle and push their dream into existence.
Natasha Munson, Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters

  1. Prosperity comes to those who hustle and push their dream into existence.
    Natasha Munson, Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters
    Dream Quotes
  2. The Lord has prosperity to give, and those who are determined go after their share.
    Charles Fillmore, The Law of Prosperity
    Determination Quotes
  3. We all have tremendous prosperity. And we all have incredible creative power.
    Marie Mohler, Cosmic Wealth
    Creativity Quotes
  4. The first step on the road to prosperity resides in mindfulness— in being aware of our current position so that we can genuinely assess whether we want to continue along the path we are on or branch out in new directions.
    Gudni Gunnarsson, Presence Is Power
    Mindfulness Quotes
  5. To conquer life and eternal prosperity is the largest successes and the great wealth that can exist.
    Arnaldo L. Soares, Evolution and Prosperity
    Wealth Quotes
  6. Prosperity is not simply material or economic; it is also moral.
    Isabelle Cassiers, Redefining Prosperity
    Values Quotes
  7. The ultimate measure of success in life is peace. Peace is serenity, prosperity and satisfaction in each area of life with freedom from persistent hostility, worry and discontent even in adverse times.
    E. R. Reid (Eleanor Reid), Live For Results: From Purpose to Plan to Destiny
    Peace Quotes
  8. At any given moment, if you have a good sense of well-being, then you are prosperous and are experiencing abundance, joy, harmony, happiness, and fulfillment.
    Alan Batten, The Prosperity Code
  9. Any prosperity realized by humanity is like a temperamental plant in a garden; if it is tended and fed properly, it will take root and endure for many years.
    E. Bernard Jordan, The Laws of Prosperity: Building a Divine Foundation of Success
    This is one of my favourite quotes; Plant a seed and it will soon become a forest.
  10. God wants you to live a positive life in a negative world. He wants you to prosper.
    Charles F. Stanley, Understanding Financial Stewardship
    Positive Life
  11. One of the keys to prosperity is being clear in your mind about what you want in the first place.
    Pathway to Prosperity
    Clarity Quotes
  12. One of the greatest indicators of your personal prosperity is when you increase the value in other people’s lives.
    Sandra Anne Taylor, Secrets of Success: The Science and Spirit of Real Prosperity
    Helping Others Quotes
  13. True prosperity begins with your soul prospering in love.
    Julia Loren, When God Says Yes: His Promise and Provision When You Need It Most
    Soul Quotes
  14. We can see, taste, touch and experience prosperity every day.
    Eva Gregory, The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity
    Experience Quotes
  15. Free your mind and think prosperously.
    Myrtle D. Russell, Free Your Mind and the Best Will Follow
  16. By helping others, you attract even more prosperity and abundance to you as the energy flows to you and through you.
    Andrew Lutts, Manifesting Magnificence
    Positive Energy
  17. The currency of prosperity is freedom.
    Wes Beavis, Escape to Prosperity
    Short Inspirational
  18. Prosperity is no accident.
    Frank Vorhies, ‎Richard J. Grant, Liberty and Prosperity
    Happy Life
  19. The key point to understand is that prosperity is an internal experience, not an external state, and it is an experience that is not tied to wealth.
    Shakti Gawain, The Creating True Prosperity Workbook
    Experience Quotes
  20. Allow the magnet of the Law of Prosperity to work in your life. Know it! Believe it! Accept it!
    Marilyn J. Awtry, River of Life
    Law of Attraction
  21. You must discover what prosperity means for you and then honor the path to that prosperity, even though it may not be easy.
    E. Bernard Jordan, The Laws of Prosperity
  22. Prosperity and abundance is a journey, not a destination.
    Eliza-Jane Jackson, Creating Prosperity and Abundance
  23. God’s desire for you is prosperity.
    Charles F. Stanley, Understanding Financial Stewardship
  24. Living a prosperous life means being established in a belief that affirms there is more than enough of whatever creates a sense of freedom in your life.
    Dennis Merritt Jones, The Art of Abundance
  25. We shall serve for the joy of serving, and prosperity will flow to us and through us in streams of plenty.
    Charles Fillmore, The Law of Prosperity
  26. To find moral principles is to have found prosperity, greatness, truth, and is therefore to be strong, valiant, joyful and free.
    James Allen, James Allen Collection
  27. Our desire to be prosperous is a natural cosmic urge, a basic orientation to realize our unlimited, infinite self.
    Betty Bethards, Seven Steps to Developing Your Intuitive Powers
  28. All souls are enough, and each of us possesses enough to start the process of generating prosperity, the flow of opulence.
    Terry Cole-Whittaker, Live Your Bliss
  29. Prosperity is not the motivation for true repentance; it is only a possible consequence. (36:8-15; 37:14)
    William H. Bicksler, Job’s Spiritual Journey

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