28 Present Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

28 Present Quotes

Here is our collection of Inspirational and Wise Present Quotes sourced from a variety of authors and wise teachers throughout the years.

Yes, it’s safe to say we all live in the present, but is our awareness truly focused in the present moment. By this I mean, do you spend most of your time pondering the past or wondering about the future because if you do you may find that you miss out on the joys of the present moment.

If you are ready to accept the power of the now, then you are more inclined to find happiness and enlightenment and be free of the shackles of time.

    Time is created; time as process—past, present, future—is created by desiring. Osho, Yoga

  1. Time is created; time as process—past, present, future—is created by desiring.
    Osho, Yoga
    Time Quotes
  2. With the help of deep looking, we can illuminate the present and gain a better understanding of the past.
    Thich Nhat Hanh, You Are Here
    Understanding Quotes
  3. In the present moment, those perceived threats are really only circumstances to be dealt with.
    Shannon Duncan, Present Moment Awareness
    Perception Quotes
  4. Give attention to the present; give attention to your behavior, to your reactions, moods, thoughts, emotions, fears, and desires as they occur in the present.
    Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now
    Emotion Quotes
  5. Staying present makes every moment meaningful and the more meaning-filled moments you engage in while at your current position, the more opportunities you’ll have to further your career in the future.
    Dani Dipirro, The Positively Present Guide to Life
    Opportunity Quotes
  6. If you are breathing, you are present. If you are present, you are pleasant.
    Mabel Katz, The Easiest Way to Live
    Mindfulness Quotes
  7. To say that experience is momentary is really to say that experience and the present moment are the same thing.
    Alan W Watts, Wisdom Of Insecurity
    Experience Quotes
  8. To relinquish the idols and remain in the present, surrender to God’s ever-present love.
    Gregory A. Boyd, Present Perfect
    God’s Love Quotes
  9. All you can do is be present with the enormity of it yourself and hope others see it in the silence of the moment.
    Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Aresilence
    Silence Quotes
  10. We can only take care of our future by taking care of the present moment, because the future is made out of only one substance: the present.
    Thich Nhat Hanh, Your True Home
    Future Quotes
  11. Anything can happen in the present moment, but how we start our day can often affect how we greet those challenges.
    Elisha Goldstein, Uncovering Happiness
  12. Mindfulness does not make you the slave of the present moment but makes you master of the moments.
    Amit Ray, Mindfulness
  13. When you do not use your feelings about The Past to learn from your experiences, you lose the joy of The Present.
    Spencer Johnson, The Presentlearn
  14. If you inventory all your unfinished business to find healing for hurts, and if you make right what you’ve done wrong, you’ll find yourself fully present today, right now.
    Les Parrott, Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
  15. Being totally present in every moment opens my eyes to inspiring, new experiences.
    Nicholas Mag, Real Statements
    Inspirational Quotes
  16. We must put our brains aside to discover our true nature, to live in the present moment and to truly live our lives.
    Linda Ricard, ‎Pat Sankar, The Leopard in the Pool
  17. You can see that being present in patient stillness is a solution in itself.
    Sirshree, The Little Gita Of Problem Solving
  18. Anxiety is a particular sort of desire; it is the desire for distraction away from the present.
    Simon Parke, One-Minute Mindfulness
    Anxiety Quotes
  19. We often avoid the present because it’s painful or boring, or we’re thinking of our destination. But the right kind of direction makes the present meaningful.
    Steve Donahue, Shifting Sands
  20. We have to learn to live happily in the present moment, to touch the peace and joy that are available now.
    Thich Nhat Hanh, Touching Peace
  21. Do not be fooled by the ego’s insistence that you waste time obsessing on the past and future. Know this: There is only the present moment.
    John A. Love, Truth’s Pathway to Peace and Happiness
  22. The past is dead and buried , so embrace the present and look forward to the future.
    Craig Hamilton-Parker, The Hidden Meaning of Dreams
  23. Live in the present moment, focus on what needs to be done, and the future will take care of itself.
    Marc Edwards, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Yagyas
  24. So, live life in the present, enjoy each moment, value each event: be able to stop and admire a flower that bursts into bloom, or the baby who stands for the first time, or the child who returns home from school with some success, or the partner who has something to share.
    Richard Denny, Succeed For Yourself
  25. When the present is beautiful. Why do you dream about tomorrow? when you are alive today.
    Melvin Ricks, To: Die Before You Die
  26. When you are in the moment you are truly alive.
    Robin Stevenson, A Thousand Shades of Blue
    Live Life
  27. Regardless of change, it is beneficial to live life in the present moment.
    Warren Lake, Change your Mind to Change your Life
  28. Make an empowering choice, face your fears head-on, surround your fear in love, live life in the present moment, or anything else that takes you there.
    James A. Morack, Learning from Lifefear

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